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“Unimaginable Fandom Extremes: Why People Can’t Stop Obsessing Over ‘Titanic'”

TitanicFan97: The Phenomenon Behind the Collection

Being one of the highest-grossing films of all time means it has a strong fan following, although not they can all boast of having one up to Titanic, James Cameron’s 1997 classic that continues to attract followers to the exciting and tragic romance of Jack and Rose to this day.

You just have to look at the recent phenomenon that has been awakened on TikTok based on the collection of a young video editor from Florida, who keeps numerous copies and objects of this Oscar-winning title whose fan fever was spread to him by his family.

We are talking about the user TikTok’s TitanicFan97 who also goes by JD after Leonardo DiCaprio’s character. Right now he accumulates more than 108,000 followers based on showing the 1,560 VHS copies of Titanic that he keeps in his house, especially one of the original editions that came with the film divided into two videotapes.

As he told Variety in a recent interview, he started this task in 2012, when after the 3D revival of the film he felt the need to get hold of these objects that were collecting dust in second-hand stores.

“In 2012 we collected some copies . The store had them on display on the top shelves, it looked glorious and I was like, ‘I know no one is going to buy this.’ Since they were super cheap, we got a box and filled it with all the Titanic there was and little by little we were collecting them for a few years”, he said.

Before TikTok opened, his collection was around 100 movies, but once When he entered the social network, his fascination with the title of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet was transmitted to other users in such a way that many began to send him every copy of Titanic they had within their reach.

“We had about 100 before I started doing TikToks, so it was really last year that we went from 100 to 1,560 or so. It kind of exploded on its own. I have no control at the moment.”

But beyond the movies, they also began to send him fanarts, unique trinkets, collector’s items, editions from other countries, and even recreations of Jack Dawson made of different materials that he ended up turning into the official icons from your collection and from your TikTok account.

All this can be seen in the many publications that he shares on the social network, and it is simply hypnotic to see the Titanic universe so extreme that he has displayed it in a room in his house.

And beware, he still intends to continue expanding it, because, according to his account, Its goal is to collect 1,997 copies, a number that refers to the year in which James Cameron’s title hit theaters, although it does not set any limits.

In fact, he goes so far as to talk of collecting at least a million. “They made 25 million of them, so at least a million copies… I think I can recover that amount”, he highlights.

The Enduring Phenomenon of Titanic

Although what is surprising is not so much the collection, but the power that Titanic has had to continue awakening this phenomenon even so many years after its premiere, even conquering people who in their day did not get to experience it in theaters.

And this is not something that only happens to inveterate movie buffs. In fact, whenever people talk about Titanic, they end up sharing the same concerns and curiosities. James Cameron’s 1997 classic continues to attract followers to the exciting and tragic romance of Jack and Rose to this day.

The Vibrant Universe of TitanicFan97

As the TitanicFan97 TikTok account shows, no other movie can boast such a phenomenon, of surviving so well over time and of continuing to be so present in social conversation. Its videos also represent a vibrant universe behind this classic, which has still been able to awaken such great passions.

“The success of ‘Titanic’ led Kate Winslet down the colder path of fame in Hollywood. James Cameron still had surprises in store for the remastering of ‘Titanic’. James Cameron swallows his words proving that Jack would have been saved in ‘Titanic'”

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