Unister case: ex-manager sentenced to fines

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More than five years after the bankruptcy of the Internet travel company Unister, the Leipzig public prosecutor has drawn a line under its investigations against ex-managing directors. The prosecution announced on Wednesday that the proceedings against 19 former managers from a total of 26 Unister companies had resulted in fines or recruitment. The investigation was primarily about the delay in bankruptcy.

Eight former managing directors had been sentenced to fines between 7200 euros and 100,000 euros with penal orders. In two of the cases, the court issued warnings and reserved the penalties. The prosecution announced that the proceedings against eight other persons responsible had been discontinued against the payment of financial stipulations. The amount was between 1,000 euros and 22,000 euros. In three other cases, the investigations were discontinued due to a lack of sufficient suspicion.

The Leipzig company Unister once operated more than 40 Internet portals, but was targeted by the public prosecutor for various offenses. In the summer of 2016, the company founder died in a plane crash in Slovenia. A week later, Unister filed for bankruptcy.


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