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United Nations Day: why it is commemorated on October 24

As usual, every October 24 commemorates the United Nations Day, as it was proclaimed in an assembly held by the UN Security Council.

The aforementioned date is intended publicize the purpose and activities of the organization around the world, in addition to commemorating and celebrating the anniversary of the Charter of the United Nations.

The resolution was unanimously signed by all member countries. More here in time, already in the year 1971, the General Assembly recommended to its members to keep this date in mind as a public holiday.

How many countries are members of the United Nations

By 1945, the UN already had 51 member countries. Currently there are 193 countries that represent their States before the Organization.

In the assemblies measures are taken on issues such as: Peace and security, sustainable development, climate change, disarmament, human rights, humanitarian emergencies, terrorism, gender equality, health, food production and governance, among others.

What is the Charter of the United Nations

Is about an international treaty that serves as the foundation for the United Nations and that prevails over all other international agreements.

This letter grouped the different international deals existing on the law of the sea, law of war, international law and border law that had been signed since the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

This document defines the purposes and principles of the UN, as well as the procedures to find a peaceful solution when there is controversy, among other things.

The Charter of the United Nations was ratified by most of the countries of the world, with one notable exception: the Vatican state It did not ratify the Charter because it prefers to retain its permanent observer status.

2021: 76th Anniversary of the United Nations

During the past year, a series of meetings and dialogues were held around the world on the role of international cooperation in the world we want to build.

Undoubtedly, lately there have been difficult times for all humanity, sWork everything after what has generated the coronavirus pandemic.

How to celebrate United Nations Day

This day the UN and its members carry out activities to publicize the achievements and objectives of the institution, such as exhibitions, meetings, photos and talks.

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