“Unleashing Fabulousness: The Greatest Moments of Sálvame Fashion Week”

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Sálvame Fashion Week: A Night of Surprises and Emotions

The fourth and final edition of Sálvame Fashion Week took place, and it didn’t disappoint. The evening was filled with parades, musical performances, and surprises, along with the palpable emotions and nerves of the presenters and collaborators. Belén Esteban’s gratitude towards the channel and Terelu Campos’ injury were among the highlights of the night, as was Cristina Porta’s victory among the 16 contestants.

The Start of Sálvame Fashion Week

The program’s collaborators paraded down the catwalk with a powerful message for the audience and senior Mediaset officials. Belén Esteban also burst onto the scene, thanking Mediaset for allowing them to create TV that’s been making people happy for 14 years. The evening’s most applauded moment was Belén’s parade in a swimsuit, which wasn’t originally planned. She ended up parading with all the spectators standing, appreciating her gesture.

The Injury and Confrontations

Terelu Campos suffered a toe injury just before the parade, but that didn’t stop her from showing off her best clothes on the catwalk. Meanwhile, Alejandra Rubio had a tense confrontation with Belén Rodríguez, who revealed that she’ll speak in court. Pilar Vidal’s brilliant portrayal of Marie Antoinette won over the audience, while Lydia Lozano was angry her evening dress was too big. María Patiño crossed the catwalk in the swimsuit parade.

Cristina Porta: The Winner of the Night

Through the Telecinco website’s votes, the audience has decided that Cristina Porta was the winner of the night. Víctor Sandoval, on the other hand, received the least number of votes. Kiko Hernández received the most compliments from the jury, comprised of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Pelayo Díaz, and Samantha Hudson, who evaluated all the participants.

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In conclusion, the fourth and final Sálvame Fashion Week was filled with emotions, surprises, and stunning parades, making it an unforgettable evening.

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