“Unleashing the Power of Latina Women in Music: Their Personal Definition of Strength”

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The first edition of Billboard’s Latin Women in Music has arrived. Hosted by reggaeton queen Ivy Queen and Telemundo host Jaqueline Bracamontes, the two-hour musical special celebrates revolutionary Latina women in music: seven artists and 40 executives.

Recognition for Exceptional Artists

“We are excited to recognize a wide range of exceptional artists who reflect the staggering depth of talent found among women in Latin music. All of these artists bring something exceptional to the table and we are honored to celebrate them,” said Leila Cobo, Billboard’s director of content for Latin and Spanish.

Powerful Women in Music

Prior to the ceremony, some of the Latina Women in Music honorees, presenters and guests spoke with Billboard Español on the red carpet and defined what “powerful” means to them.

For Paula Arenas, being powerful is having love around her. She explains that it is the greatest power and desire, and if she’s happy, that makes her an empowered woman.

Meanwhile, Maria Becerra thinks she’s quite powerful, but she would like to be more. She explains that it is something that is built over time, and women have to empower themselves. She feels great motivation and cuteness when other people feel powerful listening to her songs, watching a performance, or when they have an outfit.

Amara La Negra, on the other hand, says she feels more powerful now that she is a mother of twins. Juggling between motherhood, work, and looking fabulous at the same time is a great honor for her, and she thinks that women are stronger than they know.

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Heartwarming and Motivating

Goyo feels powerful when she has all the strength and desire, especially before going on stage. Meanwhile, Emilia grew up surrounded by powerful women and the values they instilled in her, and that makes her feel very powerful.

For Chesca, she feels most powerful on stage when she can be freer and has the freedom to be herself. Being with her family, including her mother, aunt, and cousins, also gives her a lot of strength and empowerment.

Evaluna felt most powerful when she was giving birth, which she considers a very powerful moment. Ludmilla believes that to be powerful, one has to love first, have self-confidence, self-esteem, and to love oneself inside-out.

Lastly, Elena Rose feels more powerful when she’s surrounded by her friends and feels God close to her. Ha*Ash feels most powerful upstage.

Billboard’s Latina Women in Music special celebrates Latina artists, executives, and creatives who proactively work for positive change, inclusion, and gender parity in the music industry. The awards ceremony will air Sunday, May 7, at 9 PM ET exclusively on Telemundo and Peacock.

Honorees and Awards

Shakira will receive the first Woman of the Year award, Ana Gabriel as a Living Legend, Emilia as Rising Star, Maria Becerra with the Visionary award, Evaluna with the Tradition and Future award, Goyo with the Agent of Change award, and Thalia as Global Powerful.

Billboard’s inaugural Latin Women in Music event aims to further elevate Latin music globally and celebrate women who have made a concrete impact on Latin music through their artistic achievements or notable actions. This achievement will result in recognition and concrete opportunities for women and positive change in the industry as a whole.

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