“Unleashing the Superhero Within: The Skills That Empower Moms Everywhere”

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The Superhero Skills of Moms

According to a recent survey by Care.com and OnePoll, 73% of moms feel that they are the best mom in the world. These self-confident moms also believe that they are the driving force of their family, with eight in 10 agreeing with this statement.

When it comes to their superhero skills, moms are confident that they can solve problems (52%), multitask (41%), organize (36%), and communicate (34%) very well with their families. However, even the strongest of mothers sometimes need support and advice.

Seeking Support and Advice

The survey found that 83% of moms seek support and advice from other moms. In fact, 77% of moms feel empowered when they see other moms share their struggles and experiences. When seeking advice on parenting or family-related topics, moms also turn to family members (56%), their partners (52%), online forums (46%), and social media (36%).

The Biggest Challenges of Motherhood

The biggest challenge facing mothers is managing the educational activities of their children (53%), followed by the lack of time for personal care (51%) and economic difficulties (48%).

For those who prioritize personal care, 60% of the surveyed moms engage in hobbies or activities that make them happy. 49% try to get enough sleep and rest, and 42% connect with other moms for support and encouragement.

Requesting Help at Home

Despite the strong desire for more time to themselves, several mothers feel guilty about accepting help. 72% of moms say they would feel guilty if they accepted help, which breeds feelings of failure.

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However, even superhuman moms could use a break sometimes. Eight in 10 women would love to hire professional help to manage their homes if they could. Maybe it is time to start thinking about how to make that happen without feeling guilty.

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