Unlock the Latest 21 Emojis on WhatsApp for Android and iOS

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WhatsApp, the popular messaging application, has recently updated its platform on all smartphones worldwide. The update includes various novelties, such as the ability to easily transform an image from your iPhone into a sticker, making your messaging experience smoother and faster.

One of the main novelties is the addition of 21 new emojis to the platform. These include a wifi signal, a moose, angel wings, and various new heart colors, among others. Those who are eagerly awaiting these new emojis are in luck; the steps to update them are relatively easy.

Getting the New Emojis

The process for updating your emojis varies depending on your operating system; whether it is iOS or Android.

If you have an iPhone, simply access the Software Update in your phone settings. Once the update is complete and you open WhatsApp, the new emojis will be readily available. On the other hand, for Android users, download the latest WhatsApp version from Google Play, and the new emojis will appear upon completion of the update.

New List of WhatsApp Emojis

The new emoji additions include a shaking head, ginger, donkey, angel wings, wifi symbol, lilac, medusa, moose, and khanda symbol, amongst others, making communication more expressive and fun.

Stay Updated on WhatsApp

As WhatsApp is constantly updating its platform, keep yourself informed to discover new shortcuts, codes, and tools that make the messaging experience more enjoyable. For more updates and notes on WhatsApp, check out Mag with the links below, and follow them on social media for the latest news.

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