“Unlock Your Mind: Activate Your Brain with the Simple Exercise of Reading”

By: MRT Desk

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Reading: The Ultimate Brain Workout

Reading is an exceptional exercise to activate the brain, according to our brain training expert, Catalina Hoffmann. It not only provides pleasure but also has numerous benefits. She even suggests reading aloud to push the brain out of its comfort zone during the spring when book fairs are prevalent in Spanish cities.

Neurofitness Challenge

Don’t miss out on the weekly neurofitness challenge, which encourages you to time yourself as you solve it. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Press play and go!

The Benefits of Reading

Reading is an excellent cognitive exercise as it helps to keep the brain sharp and active. When you read, your brain stimulates the imagination, enhances vocabulary, and improves memory retention. The benefits of reading extend beyond entertainment, and it’s a great habit to have throughout life.

Star Challenge

As you mind your mental fitness, here’s this week’s neurofitness exercise. Click on the image below to download and enlarge it for your computer or mobile device!

Week Result

Interested in seeing the results from last week’s neurofitness challenge? Click here or on the image below to enlarge and download it for your device.

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