“Unlocking the Power of Cosmetics: How Beauty Products Impact Your Emotional Well-Being”

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The Connection Between Skin and Nervous System in Neurocosmetics

What are cosmetics to you? They represent care, aesthetics, beauty, changes, but also pleasure, enjoyment, expectations, which is more connected with emotional well-being than with aesthetics. Neurocosmetics focuses on this connection as it develops products with ingredients that stimulate our senses and influence our nervous system.

The Skin and Its Reflection of Habits and Health

Our skin, being closely related to our nervous system, reflects our habits and even our health. It is affected by external agents such as sudden changes in temperature, sunlight, and pollution and can suffer alterations due to genetic and hormonal factors. Additionally, the skin can be affected by emotional or psychological disorders, contributing to premature aging.

The Role of Cosmetics in Emotional Well-Being

Cosmetics have been present throughout the history of humanity and today they are not only focused on improving our image but also on contributing to our self-esteem, proposing care from the inside out. Products focused on influencing not only appearance but also the nervous system have been developed, containing ingredients that stimulate the secretion of hormones that improve our mood, reflecting in the improvement of our skin.

The Objective of Neurocosmetics

The most interesting thing about neurocosmetics is that the objective goes beyond the well-being of knowing that cosmetics are having an effect but actually proposes that the products generate impulses towards the nervous system and physically influences our state of mind. Scientists delve into the way in which the brain responds to topical treatment, influencing the nerves associated with sensations such as heat or cold and which then send signals from the skin to the spinal cord and from there to the brain.

Nature: Source of Sensations in Neurocosmetics

The basis of neurocosmetics is to take advantage of the connection between the skin and the nervous system, with which the active ingredients of these products influence our sensory capacities to generate therapeutic benefits. Some of these ingredients are derived from plant extracts, such as berries from the chaste tree, rhodiola root extract, and tree peony, but the most efficient and studied extracts so far are menthol and capsaicin, being good examples of neuroactive ingredients.

The Importance of Careful Product Selection

The development of neurocosmetics is a trend that is seeing increasing interest within the beauty industry. It is positive from the point of view of research and advances in the health of our skin, but it can be negative because not all products are certified to offer miracles and some could be harmful. Before self-medicating or buying a product to improve a condition of our skin, it is best to check the labels that are endorsed by responsible organizations and even consult specialists to avoid mistakes.


Our skin is closely related to our nervous system and neurocosmetics focuses on it. The objective of neurocosmetics goes beyond the well-being that knowing that cosmetics are having an effect, but it is actually proposed that the products generate impulses towards the nervous system and physically they can influence our state of mind, contributing to our emotional well-being. Nature provides efficient and studied extracts, but careful product selection is important to avoid possible harm.

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