“Unlocking the Secrets of Your Intimate Zone: Essential Tips for Summer”

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Humidity, shaving, and even the fabric we use can cause discomfort in the intimate area. As a woman, you may experience discomfort in the intimate area during vacation days at the beach or pool, such as itching, burning sensation when urinating, broken white discharge, and irritation during shaving. These symptoms may indicate cystitis, and it’s essential to pay attention to these signs.

To prevent vaginal infections, Dr. Sofía Herrera, a gynecologist, recommends three essential steps to follow at any time of the year. First, drink plenty of fluids, especially water. Don’t hold the urge to go to the bathroom and empty your bladder every three hours. Second, consume foods that promote intimate health, especially those rich in vitamin C, such as cranberry, which contains beneficial substances to prevent infections.

In addition, Dr. Herrera suggests two additional tricks for beach or pool days. Pack multiple swimsuit bottoms that you can pair with the top, and as soon as you get out of the water, dry yourself with a towel and put on a dry pantyhose. Leaving wet bathing suits on creates the ideal environment for the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, and the delicate skin of the vulva can be easily irritated.

Apart from bathing suits, sweat pants are another culprit that can encourage the appearance of harmful microorganisms in the intimate area. You may have an intimate care kit at hand, including a special cleanser for the intimate area and moisturizing gel, including hyaluronic acid to use after shaving.

It’s essential to note that total hair removal of the vulva is neither mandatory nor essential for the health of the area. Long hair can preserve typical secretions such as flow and humidity, and if there isn’t optimal hygiene, it can be harmful. Moreover, synthetic fabrics and perfumed products can be irritating to the skin, especially to an already delicate intimate area. Cotton is the most recommended fabric for underwear.

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After sex, it’s important to urinate to prevent urinary tract infections since sexual play moves bacteria from one place to another. Women’s anatomy is such that the urethra, vagina, and anus are close, and bacteria can reach the urinary tract, causing an infection. Understanding our intimate area, keeping ourselves informed, and consulting specialists can help maintain good health and wellness. Take the opportunity to see her, greet her, and take care of her.

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