“Unlocking the Wonders of Cuzco: Journey into the Mysticism of the Latest Transformers Film”

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The Andean culture of Peru merges with robots and breathtaking landscapes in the latest installment of the Transformers saga. The film is a celebration of Peru, a country rich in history, culture, and music, and whose landscapes are not merely a simple background to the action and special effects of the movie. “Definitely, Cuzco and Peru have a leading role in the film, it puts us in the eyes of the whole world. It is an incentive for people to know more about our country and wants to visit it,” said Carmen Julia García, head of the image and country brand office of the Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism (Promperú).

The film, produced in part by Steven Spielberg, opens in Peruvian theaters on June 7th, and features stunning locations such as Cuzco, the Sacred Valley, and the jungle region of San Martín. The director of the Decentralized Directorate of Culture of Cuzco, Maritza Rosa Candia, praised the project for respecting the ruins of Machu Picchu and the traditions of the country, which allows the world to discover the Peruvian Andean culture.

The film highlights the customs of the country, such as the colorful and festive celebration of Inti Raymi in Plaza de Armas, and offers a glimpse of fictitious temples inspired by the Inca empire, including the majestic temple of Sacsayhuaman. Moreover, one of the most striking moments in the film is when the robots meet a native community, the queros, who speak only Quechua, and who help them carry out their mission.

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The film is expected to have a significant impact on the tourism industry of Peru, as it presents the appeal and magic of the Andean country to a global scale. “The truth is that they have taken advantage of Cuzco and the Tarapoto jungle very well. It shows many parts of the country that are common to us but not to the rest of the world,” said Bruno Canale, executive producer of Apple Producciones Peru. The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism estimates an increase in tourism in the coming months, but also acknowledges the need for investment decisions, infrastructure, and access improvements to be prepared for the surge of visitors.

In conclusion, the latest Transformers movie offers not only entertainment but also an opportunity to showcase Peru’s rich culture and landscapes. “All Peruvians are going to feel super proud,” says Garcia. As audiences around the world discover the beauty of Peru, the country will undoubtedly attract more visitors in the years to come, highlighting its position as a leading destination in Latin America.

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