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Unmasking the Best-Kept Secrets of Premios Juventud

Celebrating Two Decades of Premios Juventud

Courtesy: Univision

Next Thursday, July 20, 2023, a new edition of the Premios Juventud will take place, which this time is on long tablecloths because it celebrates two decades of creation.

New Hosts Revealed: Dayanara Torres and Marcus Ornellas

Now, the name of two of the hosts for this Latin show party is revealed, it is Dayanara Torres and Marcus Ornellas, who will join Ángela Aguilar and Alejandra Espinosa, who will also be part of the panel of presenters.

Dayanara Torres: A Multitalented Icon

The former queen de belleza is “Considered one of the most beloved celebrities in entertainment, Torres has conquered the world with her talent and beauty.

Throughout her career she has served as a businesswoman, writer, and spokesperson for various social causes and has participated in a wide variety of television projects in both Spanish and English, including the soap opera The Young and the Restless and more recently the Univision show Mira quién baila”; as well as in the films 200 cartas and Watch over me.

Marcus Ornellas: A Rising Star

For his part, the interpreter of Rogelio Iturbe Rangel in the telenovela Eternamente amandonos will be the first time he has participated in hosting this event.

The model of Brazilian origin has also stood out for his work in projects such as the telenovelas Mujer de nadie, Reputación dubosa, If they leave us and Rubí, among other melodramas.

In addition, for being one of the hosts, this year he is nominated in the category of “My favorite actor”.

Don’t Miss Premios Juventud

Borja Voces, Borja Voces, Danilo Carrera, Ela Velden, Migbelis Castellanos, Roberto Hernández, José Figueroa and Yayis Villareal. Premios Juventud, with Dayanara Torres and Marcus Ornellas, will be broadcast from the Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot at 7pm/6c through Univision.

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