“Unmatched Harmony: Alejandro Fernández’s Epic Duet with Featherweight”

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Alejandro Fernández Inaugurates a Music School for Peace

Alejandro Fernández, known as El Potrillo, has always been an advocate for good social causes. Recently, through his foundation, he inaugurated a music school called ‘Community Music School: Music for Peace.’ The school is located inside the Hogar Cabañas house in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Accompanied by his family members, Alejandro Fernández expressed the importance of this initiative in his life. He mentioned that his father, Vicente Fernández, was always happy whenever he carried out altruistic acts.

Continuing His Father’s Legacy

Alejandro Fernández stated that his father always had an open heart to help others. He did it at every opportunity he had. The idea behind this school is to continue his father’s legacy. This school will be named after Alejandro Fernández, and it will be part of the world-renowned Cabañas Institute.

During the press conference, Alejandro Fernández also spoke about the success of the musical genre Corridos Tumbados. He mentioned exponents such as Featherweight and Natanael Cano, and he did not rule out doing a duet with the latter.

Alejandro Fernández Collaborates with Natanael Cano

In the past, Alejandro Fernández has collaborated with Natanael Cano. They released the single ‘Amor Tumbado.’ If this collaboration happens, it will not be the first time. Alejandro highlighted the importance of opening doors for regional Mexican music and benefiting all parties involved.

Alejandro Fernández is a popular Mexican singer and actor. His music has been successful both nationally and internationally. Initiatives like this music school will undoubtedly help create a better world for future generations.

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