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Unmissable! Michelle Pfeiffer’s three memorable moments on the big screen

Michelle Pfeiffer is one of the divas of the golden age of Hollywood. His face was one of the most sought after by directors and producers between the 80s and 90s: he starred in dozens of films with famous people from the scene, advertising campaigns and won the hearts of the public. Today at his 63rd birthday, we remember his five memorable moments before the big screen.

One of the roles that made her known the most was the one she played as Catwoman in Batman’s version of Tim Burton. The overflowing sensuality of Michelle Pfeiffer They made her an icon of a generation that grew up seeing her clad in black latex ready to bring down Michael Keaton’s Batman, who is slowly giving way to her charms.

Years before, the diva starred in “Scarface” next to Al Pacino, where he was seen with a bob cut that was the sensation at that time and the delirium of many young women who came to beauty salons asking for the cut of Michelle Pfeiffer. Although she is already very far from those looks, the actress is very aware of the influence she had at the time.

Her latest screen appearances include “The French Exit,” where she plays Frances, a disgraced widow who turns to old friends for self-exile with her only son when money runs out. He said Michelle Pfeiffer, it is one of the most humane roles he has ever played.

Consulted by the local press about the similarities between her character and her personality traits, Michelle Pfeiffer He said that he had to understand it to know how to approach it from the best perspective. Plus, the role in “French Exit” got her into the race for the Golden Globes this year and put her back on the Hollywood scene.


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