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Unmissable: the new connection between the Crown and Bridgerton

The Crown Y Bridgerton are two of the great series that the streaming service catalog currently has Netflix, not only for the quality of its episodes, but also for having a large audience. Both productions have their similarities in sharing country of origin and platform, but will soon have a new bond that few know. Look what it’s about!

The program created by Peter Morgan that portrays the life of the Queen isabel II is waiting for the launch of its fifth season, which already introduced us to Imelda Staunton in the lead role, replacing Olivia Colman. On the side of the content of Shonda Rhimes, they go through the filming of his second delivery, after becoming the show with the best premiere in the history of streaming.

Previously we tell you the first relationship that these series have and it is the Wilton House, a place that was used by both productions as the main stage. Bridgerton He made it the home of Daphne and Simon, and Castle Howard was used on the outside. However The Crown he set it like Buckingham Palace in its four seasons. Now, thanks to the new cast, a new connection was added that you should know.

As we mentioned, Imelda Staunton prepares to be Queen Elizabeth II in the fifth installment of The Crown and it is because of her that the following relationship exists. In the cast of Bridgerton it’s found Bessie Carter, who plays Prudence Featherington, and is Staunton’s daughter in real life. The 27-year-old performer inherited her passion from her mother, as well as her father, Jim Carter, who is also part of the cast as Butler Carson.

It is about a family of artists who already have their own hits and now shine on the screen of Netflix. Recently there was a conflict between The Crown Y Bridgerton for the aforementioned location, the Wilton House, since both had to adapt to the protocols of the Coronavirus pandemic and could not film at the same time, so one suffered a greater delay.

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