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'UnPrisoned' First Look: John Stamos, Kerry Washington Revealed

‘UnPrisoned’ First Look: John Stamos, Kerry Washington Revealed

UnPrisoned Season 2 is gearing up for its much-anticipated release, offering a new sneak peek featuring John Stamos and Kerry Washington. Originally premiering in 2023, UnPrisoned stars Washington as a woman confronting past trauma when her father, played by Delroy Lindo, reenters her life after spending 17 years in prison.

Fans eager for the new season have been given a glimpse of what to expect.

In an exclusive clip for UnPrisoned Season 2, Paige (Washington) joins her father Edwin (Lindo) and her son Finn (Faly Rakotohavana) in a therapy session. The therapist Murphy, portrayed by John Stamos, is steering the family toward some challenging revelations, much to Paige’s discomfort.

UnPrisoned | YouTubeUnPrisoned | YouTube
UnPrisoned | YouTube

This particular scene, which also appears in the trailer, shows Murphy posing the question, “I can heal you if that’s what you want. Is that what you want? Because you have to really want it. A lot of people can’t. A lot of people don’t dare.” Paige, skeptical, counters by saying she doesn’t consider Murphy’s approach to be “real therapy” after reading his book.

Murphy, in a straightforward manner, informs her that they can either spend years trying to solve their issues themselves, or he could assist them—without accepting insurance. The interaction between Murphy and Paige hints at an intriguing relationship that may evolve throughout the second season.

Looking back at UnPrisoned Season 1, the storyline follows Paige, a single mother grappling with raising her son while dealing with her father’s return from prison. This transition brings to the surface her unresolved past, personal flaws, and the complexities of her son wanting to learn more about his own father.

As a therapist herself, Paige finds it difficult to apply her professional skills to her own life, which leads her to seek Murphy’s unconventional help despite her reservations. The trailers suggest that she might be starting to consider his advice, even if reluctantly.

Known for his roles as Blackie Parrish on General Hospital and Uncle Jesse on Full House, John Stamos brings a new dynamic to the show as Murphy. UnPrisoned also boasts performances by Brenda Strong, Tim Daly in recurring roles, and Marque Richardson as Edwin’s case worker.

Season 2 of UnPrisoned is set to premiere on Hulu on Wednesday, July 17.

Fans of the show, are you excited for the return of UnPrisoned Season 2? What are you hoping to see in the new season of this gripping Hulu drama? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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