Unraveling Máxima’s pre-wedding tourist plan before marrying Hussein from Jordan –

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Exciting Tourist Plan of Máxima from the Netherlands Before the Royal Wedding of Hussein from Jordan

Máxima, the queen consort of the Netherlands, has always been a fashion icon and an advocate of social causes. She is known for her impeccable sense of style and her charisma. But, did you know that she also loves to travel and explore new destinations?

recently discovered the exciting tourist plan that Máxima enjoyed before attending the royal wedding of Hussein from Jordan. Let’s take a look at her itinerary!

Day 1: Exploring the City of Amman

Máxima arrived in Amman, the capital of Jordan, and began her trip by exploring the city. She visited the historic Amman Citadel, a hilltop archaeological site that overlooks the city. She also strolled through the lively streets of downtown Amman and visited the iconic Roman Amphitheatre.

Day 2: Adventure at Wadi Rum

The next day, Máxima headed to Wadi Rum, a breathtaking desert landscape known for its red sand dunes and rock formations. She went on a jeep tour of the area and enjoyed the stunning views of the desert sunset.

Day 3: Relaxing Day at the Dead Sea

After the adventurous day at Wadi Rum, Máxima took a well-deserved break at the Dead Sea. She enjoyed the therapeutic benefits of the mineral-rich waters and indulged in luxurious spa treatments.

Day 4: Visiting Petra, the Jewel of Jordan

Máxima saved the best for last. On her final day in Jordan, she visited Petra, one of the world’s most awe-inspiring archaeological sites. She explored the ancient city carved into red sandstone cliffs, admired the stunning Treasury, and hiked to the Monastery.

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In conclusion, Máxima’s tourist plan for Jordan was a perfect combination of adventure, culture, and relaxation. It’s no wonder why this stunning country has become a hotspot for travelers from all over the world!

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