Unraveling Netflix’s ‘Fake Profile’ Series: Everything You Need to Know

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Fake Profile: The New Sensation on Netflix

It might seem like a cliché soap opera but it is not. The new Netflix series that is on everyone’s lips, Fake Profile, is an erotic thriller about a sexual adventure that ends badly, maybe it falls in line with other productions like Obsession and 365 Days, and that doesn’t make it bad.

Synopsis of the series refers: “Camila –played by actress Carolina Miranda– opens her sensual profile on a dating application looking for the man of her dreams. She finds a very handsome one named Fernando; however, he is not single nor is his name Fernando. Camila falls into a trap and everything turns into a nightmare.”

From that moment on, the protagonist of this story will do anything to discover who “Fernando” really is -played by actor Rodolfo Salas-, for which she will desperately search the true identity of the cheater and will make him pay one by one for each lie he told and each promise he made. “Camila doesn’t know that she is entering an intricate maze of appearances that deceive, dragged into forbidden sex and powers that kill.”, according to the on-demand content platform.

The 10-episode series comes from the famous producer, Pablo Illanes, best known for his work on The Search for Frida, Machos and Dónde está Elisa. The cast of Fake Profile includes actors Carolina Miranda as Camilla; Rodolfo Salas as Fernando or Miguel; Manuela González as Angela; Lincoln Palomeque as David; Victor Mallarino as Pedro; and Mauricio Henao as Adrian.

Is it Worth Seeing Fake Profile?

So far, the film critic portal, Rotten Tomatoes, has not has issued a score to the Netflix series; however, some entertainment portals have issued their points of view regarding said production. The Leisure Byte site reported that “the program contains all the elements to make it more entertaining. It contains some great plot twists that will definitely leave you shocked.” For its part, the Digital Mafia Talkies site said that Fake Profile is “moderately interesting, there really isn’t much to do. You wouldn’t be wasting your time if you decided to watch it.”

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It is worth mentioning that Miranda has been in the productions of Who Killed Sarah?, Las Bravo, Señora Acero and La Mujer del Diablo. With its exceptional cast and exciting storyline, Fake Profile has become the new sensation on Netflix, and it is worth watching if you’re looking for a gripping thriller.

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