Unrecognizable: Ciri’s physical change for the Witcher season 2 on Netflix

The second season of The Witcher in Netflix it is closer than ever and the expectation is increasing. After meeting the December 17, 2021 Like the premiere date, previews and news regarding the characters began to appear. Among them, an aspect that involves Characteristic: the princess of Cintra, played by Freya Allan, suffered a resounding physical change from the first episodes. Look the photos!

Both in the official trailer and in the actress’s social networks, her new appearance is noticeable: He left behind that childish expression and seems much older because of his physiognomy. In reality, only two years passed since the filming of the first and second seasons, but they were in moments of the young woman’s growth: started at 17 and is currently 19.


Also, the physical difference will be matched with the plot because another Ciri is coming in the next chapters. According to the original story, he will begin his bond with Geralt and will explore his power much more. In fact, the character of Henry Cavill will be overshadowed by the young woman at times.


This way, Freyna will continue her career advancement after standing out in season one. She even responded to criticism because they pointed her out as having very different traits from the character in the original story of Andrzej Sapkowski.


The actress proved her worth in violent battle scenes. “It was a challenge, a challenge that I wanted when I took the role. When I read the script, I just remember being excited about the challenge. And I think some of those scenes were in my audition, so they were familiar to me.”, recognized Comic Book in 2019.

The young girl born Oxfordshire, UK, will have a new opportunity in the second season of The Witcher to continue increasing its popularity. Currently has almost a million followers on Instagram and after his appearance on the Netflix series he landed roles in The Third Day and Gunpowder Milkshake.


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