Unrecognizable? Look at the look of Ben Affleck that is giving something to talk about

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Ben Affleck He was in the limelight of everyone recently when he resumed his relationship with Jennifer Lopez, after 17 years since they last saw each other. Immediately the American media captured the photos of the happy couple, but now when the photographers portrayed him alone the images are giving something to talk about.

The renowned Hollywood actor met his ex-wife Jennifer Garner over the weekend to celebrate Father’s Day. Together with them were the three children who had the fruit of their marriage: Violet, Samuel Y Seraphine, but it was the look of Ben Affleck which caught everyone’s attention.

Just a few weeks before this meeting, the protagonist of “Argo” was with Jennifer Lopez in Los Angeles participating as a guest in a family celebration. The images of that moment also went around the world and took over social networks with hundreds of comments from fans.

Consulted by local media, a source linked to Jennifer Garner He assured that the actress does not have many concerns about the reunion of her ex and Jennifer López. That is, when it comes to Ben Affleck’s private life, she has nothing to say, as there is only one goal in common.

“Jen doesn’t want to get involved. It has moved on completely. She continues to focus on her children and that is her priority. When the kids are with Ben, she hopes that’s her priority too, ”said an insider who spoke to E! News of what you think Jennifer Garner about the relationship that is on everyone’s lips.


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