Unruggable – What’s the Buzz?

By: Ann Burdett

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If you are part of the cryptocurrency world, the term unruggable might not sound alien to you. It has become a buzzword in recent years and is everywhere in the crypto universe. Unurggable refers to a digital asset immune to rug pulls or scams, which occur when developers or traders of cryptocurrency dump their tokens intentionally, causing the price to drop and investors to lose their money. 

There are many features, benefits, and uses of unruggable. Read till the end to find out everything about this concept. 

What are Unruggable Tokens?

Unruggable tokes or rug-proof tokens are cryptocurrencies designed to ward off rug pulls. They are built on decentralized blockchain networks such as Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Solana. They are designed to be immutable and transparent, ensuring the value of the token is not influenced by the actions of a single person or entity. 

Unruggable cryptocurrency tokens are digital assets with value, not any currency. These programmable assets represent anything in the real world, you can transfer them among the blockchain participants. You can also use these tokens as an investment or store them as a value. If you want to deem this cryptocurrency, you must look at its market lap. If it has a low market cap, it is an unruggable crypto token. 

They have a high volume and supply of coins, making them pretty hard to price as a safe option for investment. Buying and selling these tokens do not manipulate the market. 

How Do Unruggable Tokens Work?

Unruggable tokens are built on smart technology, a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement directly written into lines of code. Smart contracts pull off the need for intermediaries, thus enabling security and transparency. The code is public and open-source, ensuring that anyone can verify the functionality and security of the contract. 

The smart contract contains a liquidity pool locked for a particular period. The locks ensure the developers cannot access the funds, preventing them from dumping the tokens and causing a rug pull. It also provides a safety net for investors, ensuring enough liquidity to buy and sell the token. 

How Can Unruggable NFT/Token Benefit Investors and Traders? 

If you are keen on investing in NFTs but equally worried about experiencing fraud or scams, there is a solution. Unruggable tokens are a green flag for you. There are many advantages of this concept for investors. 


The digital world is full of scams, and security can be the biggest concern for investors. Scammers are continuously targeting naïve and new players to make gains. But rest assured you are safe when you have unruggable tokens. They are crafted with an emphasis on security and safety. They are meant to be secure and resistant to fraudulent operations like rug pulls. 


Transparency is an essential aspect when it comes to investments. Unruggable tokens bring a well-managed and transparent development team and strategy, offering peace of mind. 

Incredible Returns 

Do you want to step outside the game of fixed deposits and bank schemes to get bigger and better gains? Many investors turn to mediums like NFT or stock markets for fruitful gains. A higher return on investment is something that attracts investors in the world of NFT. Furthermore, Unruggable tokens have the potential for grander rewards as they are frequently created on blockchain platforms with a robust community and ever-evolving ecosystem. 


It is diversification that brings stability to the portfolio of investors. Unruggable tokens are a distinct and developing asset class. Hence, investing in them helps diversify investors’ portfolios and adds a pinch of high returns. 

What are the Benefits of Unruggable Tokens? 

  • Unruggable tokens offer a higher degree of protection to investors. They help prevent price manipulation and fraud. 
  • When you make a coin or token unruggable, you can increase the confidence of your potential investors and attract more investment in your project. 
  • Unruggable tokens are perceived as a positive development for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. They help to establish a higher level of transparency in the crypto world. 

What are the Limitations of Unruggable Tokens? 

  • No investment in the cryptocurrency world is free of risks to entirety. Even the tokens marked as unruggable may sometime be subject to other types of market risks and fluctuations. However, they can be taken care of. 
  • According to some investors, the concept of unruggable tokens is nothing but a market ploy. 
  • The use of smart contract code to make a token unruggable is not as easy as it appears. There are risks of code vulnerabilities and bugs that can be exploited by the villains of the cryptocurrency universe. 

What are the Use Cases for Unruggable NFTs? 

Unruggable tokens have many used cases. We have listed a few of them: 

  • You can use these tokens in digital art to authenticate and verify their ownership. It will help prevent fraud and ensure the artists are paid for their work. 
  • Unruggable tokens are efficiently used for gaming purposes to create rare in-game items or avatars which cannot be manipulated or duplicated by anyone. This factor will help increase their value and offer a more secure and fair gaming experience. 
  • You can use unruggable tokens to authenticate and verify the ownership of music tracks. It helps to prevent piracy and ensures that the musicians receive fair compensation for their work. 
  • These instruments can also be used to create unique and rare collectibles like comic books or sports memorabilia. By creating a limited number of tokens, the value of each of them can increase, and the rarity can be verified through the blockchain. 
  • Unruggable NFTs can be used to verify the ownership of the real estate and provide a secure and tamper-proof record of all property transactions. It can help in the prevention of fraud and the reduction of the need for intermediaries. 
  • You can use unruggable tokens to verify the identity of an individual and offer its secure and tamper-proof record. It can serve great use in situations where identity verification is critical, especially in the case of financial transactions or voting. 
  • Nowadays, unruggable NFTs are also used to create unique and rare tokens to raise funds for charitable causes. By creating a limited number of tokens, the value of each of them can increase, thus, increasing the number of funds raised for the cause. 

How Can I be Sure on Unruggable Tokens? 

Whether you are using unruggable tokens or not, it is essential to be sure to keep yourself free from any scam or fraud. Here are some ways to save your investments. 

  • Blockchain transactions and contracts are public information. Ensure you check the contract information before buying and selling. 
  • Mark your presence in every communication media, including your socials to funnel accurate information. 
  • Do not jump to a decision based on the information on social media. Always verify the facts before learning about unruggable tokens. 
  • Research thoroughly before going ahead, and do not put more than what you can afford to lose. 
  • Do not shy away from asking questions. 

Know these Facts about Unruggable 

  • Unruggable tokens are particularly relevant to the decentralized finance industry, where there have been many instances of rug pulls and other scams. 
  • To make a coin or token unruggable, the developers typically implement smart contract code to lock the liquidity or prevent large sell-offs. 
  • Locking liquidity means a certain amount of the token’s value is held in reserve and cannot be traded or sold. It helps in the prevention of sudden price drops. 
  • Preventing large sell-offs means the smart contract code limits the amount of the token that can be traded or sold at a given time. It can further help prevent price manipulation. 
  • Unruggable tokens offer a higher degree of protection to investors and can help prevent practices such as price manipulation and fraud. 
  • By making a token or coin unruggable, you tend to increase investor confidence and attract more investments in your project. 
  • Unruggable tokens are perceived as a positive development for the cryptocurrency industry. They help establish a higher level of transparency and trust. 
  • No investment is entirely risk-free. Even the tokens marketed as unruggable can be subject to other kinds of risks and fluctuations. 
  • The use of smart contract code to make a token unruggable is a complex process wherein it can be exploited by bugs and vulnerabilities. 

The use of unruggable NFTs is diverse and continues to expand as technology evolves. By offering a secure and tamper-proof record of ownership and transactions, this instrument can help create a more transparent and fair digital economy. 

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