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Unsettling Trailer Released for Unsolved Mysteries Volume 4

One of our favorite classic shows is making a return with Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 4, which has just released a chilling new trailer.

The popular Netflix series is set to return later this month with a slew of intense new episodes. This show has a rich history and a dedicated fanbase; it originally aired from 1987 to 2002 and was revived by Netflix in 2020.

Each episode of Unsolved Mysteries delves into unexplained disappearances, murders, and various mysterious events, including encounters with ghosts, UFO sightings, and more. For those familiar with the show, each episode is introduced with its eerie, iconic theme music, perfectly setting the uneasy tone of what’s to come.

“I dreamed of being able to solve a case like this,” a woman admits in the opening of the new trailer. “I would be lying if I told you that it didn’t keep me up on certain nights. I did become a little bit obsessed with it.”

Another woman adds, “There are still unanswered questions with this case. Factors that I can’t explain.” As she speaks, scenes of a staircase and crime photos flash on the screen.

The first woman returns, asserting, “This case is solvable and will be solved.”

Following this, a crime scene investigator is shown holding a bag, while a man questions, “Why is a severed head sitting in a field? Who is she?”

If that doesn’t grab your attention, there’s also going to be a new episode focusing on the infamous Jack the Ripper, one of history’s most notorious unidentified murderers.

The trailer includes a reenactment with a person walking in the 19th century. “Jack the Ripper frightened people in a way that no killer had ever done before,” a man states.

Shifting scenes, a woman says, “I saw it. I don’t know how to explain it. There’s something out there.” Another voice admits, “I’m still afraid to go outside at night.” This segment appears to explore a UFO sighting, suggested by a shot of someone looking up at the sky.

The trailer then cuts to an interrogation scene and a mysterious figure standing in a doorway. “He moves the curtain…[gasps] and sees this horrific sight,” a British-accented woman describes during an interview.

Glimpses of a wedding video and insights into the death of a woman named Amanda follow, culminating with someone saying, “We need to find out what happened here.”

As the trailer winds down, glowing red eyes are shown. A man pledges, “We didn’t forget. We’re still looking.”

The forthcoming episodes appear just as intense, terrifying, and intriguing as ever. Since the show’s original run featuring host Robert Stack in the ’80s, audiences have been captivated — and often scared — by the mysteries presented. Additionally, viewers are given the opportunity to contribute to solving these real-life puzzles through a dedicated website that allows for tips and information.

Don’t miss new episodes of Unsolved Mysteries, available on July 31 exclusively on Netflix.

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