Until the end of La Casa de Papel, you can watch these heist movies

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It’s been a week since the fifth season of The Money Heist is available on Netflix and the furor does not stop. With only five episodes, the fiction created by Álex Pina once again led the rankings as the most watched worldwide. However, this is not the end since there is still one more part to know, truly, how the story of The Professor and his band ends.

On the same day that filming ended, the production announced that, on this occasion, The Money Heist it would come in two parts. So it is so, until next December 3 Netflix will not release the second volume. For the next edition the band of robbers will have to face the consequences of their fifth fall in a robbery, Tokyo, and also continue to discover how to get out of the Bank of Spain.

The robbers must leave the Bank of Spain. Photo: (Netflix)

But there are still three months to go before the end is known and, despite the wishes of the fans, there is no choice but to wait. That is why, from Spoiler, we found four ideal films to reduce anxiety that have the same adrenaline and are based on robberies.

4 ideal movies to watch until La Casa de Papel arrives:

1. Muggers: (Available on Netflix)

The name itself says so. This film follows the life of a gang of robbers who, after making a mistake during a robbery, must pay the consequences. So much so that a powerful criminal gang hires them to commit the worst and most dangerous of crimes.

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2. Paradise Beach: (Disponible en Netflix)

After their boss is caught, a criminal gang moves to an idyllic beach in Thailand to live in peace. But, when Mehdi is released from prison with revenge plans, everyone knows that “the Devil is back” and they must follow him, if they want to.

3. The Bank Job: (Disponible en Amazon Prime)

Starring Jason Statham, this film is based on the robbery of a bank on Baker Street in central London which occurred in 1971. In it the protagonist plans and executes, together with his band, a masterstroke that marked the history of robberies. It is that, in this assault, not only jewelry and money were taken, but documents with which they exposed the corruption of the British royal family and politicians.

4. Infallible:

Starring Ryan Reynolds, this film follows the life of a trio of costumed robbers who must fight for their lives when a real criminal asks them to plan and execute a $ 20 million heist.

Raya and the Last Dragon


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