Unusual: a Brazilian mayor settled a political dispute upstairs in an MMA ring

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Political opinions are usually exacerbated in different corners of the world. However, in Brazil a mayor led the political confrontation to a ring, with the aim of clarifying the many with a former councilor who previously criticized his management. The good action of the combat is that the money raised was destined for social aid actions.

The mayor of the town of Borba, Simao Peixoto, had a verbal dispute with former councilor Erineu “Mirico” da Silva, who published a video attacking the management of the Balneario do Lira, one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the municipality.

The former councilor directly threatened Peixoto with a “beating”, for which the president proposed a challenge.

Mayor Fight

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The president proposed a mixed martial arts fight, better known as MMA, in a regulation octagon, with a referee and the presence of the public. The fight, which took place during the early hours of Sunday at the Borba sports center, it went to three rounds.

Peixoto, a regular fan of MMA competitions, stepped into the ring making gestures that he was going to cut the throat of his opponent, while pointing at Da Silva, as seen in the videos released by the mayor’s office.

The fighters kept absolutely nothing, and they crossed blows quickly. However, in a short time they were somewhat tired. Da Silva managed and overthrew the mayor twice, although the judges gave Peixoto the winner.

After the fight, both competitors embraced. Later, the mayor’s office reported that it was a “marketing strategy”, and that it was carried out with the intention of collecting food to deliver Christmas products to the most vulnerable sectors.

To enter the venue, the spectators they had to give up three kilos of canned food in exchange for the entrance fee. In total, the municipality collected five tons of supplies. Peixoto’s personal secretary, Glaucienei Colares, said that both political representatives “they are friends”. Da Silva, for his part, highlighted the fact that the fight has helped to deliver Christmas products.

Still, some did not like the event at all. The Amazon health regulator announced that it will ask the municipality for an explanation, in order to know why it allowed a multitude of spectators without a chinstrap inside a closed space, thus violating the anticovid-19 protocols in force in that locality.

Others criticized the fighters for transforming polarized Brazilian politics into a ring.

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