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Unusual: an Xbox was installed in the delivery room to await the birth of her child

The arrival of a childbirth is one of those moments that most anxiety for mothers and fathers. The days before are eternal and the moment of birth is made to wait. In those moments of waiting, the mother often asks someone to keep her company.

But the one who was unlucky was this young American, who she asked her boyfriend to accompany her in the days before delivery. He agreed automatically, but apparently put an unwavering condition: bring the xbox to the clinic. Whether there was discussion or not was not released yet, but the young man won the dispute and took her to the clinic.

But his girlfriend, neither slow nor lazy, decided expose it through social networks. and filmed the boy who was playing video games in the room. Then the couple who often upload content to TikTok started a very funny chat.

“I could go into labor today and my boyfriend is doing this.”The young woman accused from her bed, but her partner did not flinch. Sure, the Xbox took all the attraction. But the girl was not satisfied and went for more: “Honey, why did you bring your Xbox?”, he consulted. His response generated a already seen more than one.

“One game, I promise, one”He replied without taking his eyes off the screen, as surely any teenager once responded to his mother or father when they called him to eat or to do homework.

The repercussions of the video

The truth is that the couple already is known on TikTok, for uploading fun content with videos of the two. Count on 8.4 million followers on the account and average almost two million likes on every video they upload. In the title of this comic antepartum video, the young woman captioned: “You are going to miss the birth of your child because of that Xbox.”

This post exploded: harvested more than 7 million views. In addition, he obtained more than 10 thousand comments and it was shared more than 50 thousand times. The public responded positively to the video, with laughing emojis and funny comments about the situation.

However, as is often the case on social media, there are always the “haters” who comment negatively. For this reason, the young woman had to respond to the negative comments: “I’m joking, I asked my dad to bring it to him, he deserved it for always being there with me”, public.

After all, the young boy got it cheap and not only could he play the Xbox in the middle of the delivery room, but he also got the love of his girlfriend who supported him publicly.

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