Unusual: footballer sang Bella Ciao from La Casa de Papel and was threatened by his fans

La Casa de Papel popularized phrases, characters and memes for history, but few things were more attached to the Netflix series than the famous song of Bella Ciao. The theme went around the world and had a huge acceptance in the public. However, there is always an exception to the rule because a soccer player from the Lazio had a serious problem for uploading a video singing it: His own fans threatened him! Know the details.

The protagonist of this unusual anecdote is Elseid Hysaj, Albanian footballer who plays as a defender and who arrived at the Roman club after being released from Napoli. As usual in European teams, when he arrived at his new team he had to fulfill a pledge to gain confidence with his teammates: sing in front of everyone.

Hysaj chose Bella Ciao, inspired by La Casa de Papel, and his colleagues showed it on social media as he sang. The video went viral, but it didn’t go down well everywhere: Lazio’s ultras were terribly offended and hung a flag on him in training to express their discontent. Why?

Footballer sang Bella Ciao from La Casa de Papel and was threatened by his fans

The fans of the club based in Rome they have an extensive fascist tradition and the song was used as protest by the Italian partisans in the middle of World War II and in the Italy of Benito Mussolini between 1943 and 1945. Even the most radical they have made the nazi gesture in the full tribune of the Olympic Stadium.

“Hysaj worm, Lazio is fascist”, was the banner signed by the ultras against the player who just arrived at the institution and He already has a huge problem just for being a fan of La Casa de Papel. Lazio managers first asked the players to delete the videos from their networks, but faced with the threats, they decided to issue a clear statement.

“We will not be intimidated by those who use violent and aggressive tones: for them there is no space in our world that is inspired by the healthy sports values ​​of loyalty and competition, mutual respect and civil coexistence and oriented to overcoming all character hurdles. social, cultural, economic and racial “, answered the celestial picture.

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