Unusual: they built an international bridge with rubber bands for the illegal crossing of the Bermejo river

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Unusual: they built an international bridge with rubber bands for the illegal crossing of the Bermejo river

The illegal crossing between Argentina and Bolivia for him Bermejo river It was in the news again this Thursday: National Gendarmerie dismantled a precarious bridge made of rubber bands and wooden pallets.

A group of people ran the makeshift international crossing. In Aguas Blancas, Salta, they charged up to 100 pesos to go to Bermejo, Bolivia.

A series of images that traveled through social networks allows us to observe the bridge made with a base of boats and a surface of pallets. Over there a group of people cross the border taking advantage of the low water flow at this time of year.

Although the borders are closed since March 20 since the place was the scene of two tragedies three months ago, the illegal maneuvers for the passage between the two countries continue. On this occasion, the trucho business lasted a few hours this Thursday, until it was dismantled by the Gendarmerie.

A week ago, a group of bagayeros crossed a truck on a raft to enter Oran. Members of Squad 20 “Oran” surprised some men who a truck entered Argentina illegally Ford Ecosport Titanium, valued at two million pesos.

When discovered, the boatmen abandoned the vehicle and they fled to Bolivia. Inside the truck they finally found a woman and her son younger.

The woman, of Bolivian nationality and resident in the city of Orán, declared that she was the owner of the vehicle and was transferred to the headquarters of the Squad. After a telephone contact, the Decentralized Prosecutor’s Office of Tartagal ordered the inspection of the vehicle through the use of the AFIP-DGA scanner and its subsequent kidnapping, while the woman was sued for a violation of Law 22,415 “Customs Code”.

Illegal crossing of the Bermejo river: in March there were two tragedies in four days

Just over three months ago, the illegal crossing between Argentina and Bolivia on the Bermejo River caused two successive tragedies. On March 3, a rubber boat carrying 26 people fell into the water: there were five dead and to this day two babies are still missing. Three days later, two men trying to swim across were drowned.

The Ministry of National Security, headed by Sabina Frederic, then admitted the existence of “a problem” in the illegal crossing and promised a solution that has not yet arrived.

It is estimated that some 4 thousand people cross from one shore to the other by means of artisanal barges that cross the Bermejo River illegally. And that number was not modified with the closure of the land crossings ordered by President Alberto Fernández as part of the measures designed to contain the advance of the coronavirus.

Already in 2013, a PPT report, by Jorge Lanata, showed how hundreds of people crossed the Bermejo river illegally.

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