Unveiling Laura Escanes’ Personal Journey: A Courageous Account of Her Past Abortion

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Laura Escanes Opens Up About Personal Struggles and Relationship

Laura Escanes, a well-known influencer with a large following, recently shared some intimate details about her life with her fans. During a conversation on her public profile, Escanes discussed the topic of having more children and the press’s tendency to ask invasive questions. She emphasized that people do not know the personal histories of others and that such questions can be incredibly private.

In response to one of her followers asking if she had experienced an abortion, Escanes simply replied, “Once.” She did not provide any further details about the timing or circumstances of this event.

Positive Words About her Relationship with Álvaro de Luna

Escanes also responded to questions about her current partner, singer Álvaro de Luna. When asked if she believed their relationship would last, she expressed her belief that if someone enters a relationship with the expectation that it will end, it doesn’t make sense. However, she also mentioned her focus on living in the present and not worrying too much about the future.

Escanes made it clear that she is deeply in love with de Luna and that their relationship is thriving. She shared sweet words dedicated to him while they were both on vacation in Menorca, expressing her excitement to see him again.

Bonding with her Daughter and Enjoying Vacation

Currently, Escanes is enjoying a vacation in Menorca with her three-year-old daughter, Roma. She shared pictures of their adventures on the Balearic island and expressed how much joy her daughter brings her. One anecdote she shared was how Roma called her a “little mermaid,” inspiring Escanes to embody that persona for her daughter.

Escanes is joined on this vacation by her close friend, Gemma Pinto, who is in a relationship with MotoGP rider Marc Márquez. Both Escanes and Pinto have been photographed together, radiating beauty and a strong bond.

Overall, Escanes’s openness about her personal struggles and her loving relationship with de Luna offer a glimpse into her life beyond the glamorous influencer persona.

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