“Unveiling Queen Sofia’s Incredible Encounter with a Sea Lion at Madrid Zoo”

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Queen Sofia: A Passion for Animals

Just by looking at Queen Sofia’s happy face in these images, you can see how much she loves animals. She has been and continues to be a great advocate for the protection of all kinds of species, with a special passion for panda bears. In fact, she has been named the “Historical Godmother” of this species since 1978, when she received a pair of bear cubs on an official trip to China.

But her love for animals doesn’t stop with pandas. Queen Sofia has now added her love of lions to her list of favorite marine animals.

Queen Sofia at the Madrid Zoo

Recently, Queen Sofia was seen attending a very special event at the Madrid Zoo Aquarium, in collaboration with the foundation that runs her name. This event was held on the occasion of the World Day of the Seas and Oceans, and Queen Sofia was there to attend an educational activity for sea lions where the issues of microplastics and ghost nets were discussed.

After the activity, Queen Sofia got up close and personal with Tau, one of the adult specimens of the Patagonian sea lion. She observed firsthand how these animals get trapped in the nets, and even had the opportunity to caress Tau, who has become good friends with the Queen.

A So-Wild Appointment

For this event, Queen Sofia looked stylish yet comfortable in a navy blue pants and a cream-colored tweed jacket with denim lapels and cuffs. She combined her outfit with ankle boots and a leather bag with gold details that matched the same tone.

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Queen Sofia’s love for animals is well-known and she has even passed it on to her granddaughter, Princess Leonor. The images of Leonor’s affection and deference towards Queen Sofia are a testimony to their strong bond.

Queen Sofia truly shows us that contact with the animal world can bring immense happiness and joy to our lives.

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