“Unveiling the Elusive Origins of Paul Simon’s New Album Title: A Dreamer’s Revelation”

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Paul Simon’s New Album Title

Paul Simon, the renowned singer of ‘The Sound of Silence’, revealed that he got the title of his new album ‘Seven Psalms’ in a dream. The dream occurred on January 15, 2019 – the date his father, musician Louis, died in 1995. He woke up with the phrase ‘Seven Psalms’ in his mind and scribbled it on a piece of paper.

The songwriter looked into the religious aspect of the phrase but decided not to base his record on the Bible. He kept the paper on which he wrote the phrase in his office. The album reflects on faith and mortality, according to reviewers.

The Last Song on the Album

Paul Simon explained in an interview that he realized the last song on the album, ‘Wait,’ in which his wife, musician Edie Brickell, 57, duets, was about himself. The song contains lyrics that reflect on his life and death. He said it was scary to write something and realize that it is about him.

The songwriter also expressed his frustration as he had lost hearing in his left ear. He added that it had made everything more difficult, but he thought it would fix itself.

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