“Unveiling the Extraordinary Journey of Sebastian Harris: Unearthing the Mysterious Secrets of the Titanic at Just 13”

Teenager Explores the Titanic

Sebastian Harris, at the age of 13, embarked on a thrilling adventure to explore the remains of the Titanic. Encouraged by his father, renowned explorer G. Michael Harris, Sebastian dove more than 3,800 meters deep to see the famous ship up close.

A Risky Expedition

In 2005, Sebastian, his father, and an experienced pilot used a Russian submersible called Mir II for the expedition. However, their journey was not without danger. The submarine faced a safety problem during the 12-hour dive, which could have ended in tragedy.

A Close Call

While diving, the oxygen levels inside the submarine suddenly dropped, causing Sebastian to pass out. Fortunately, neither his father nor the crew member lost consciousness, saving them from a fatal outcome. Thanks to this, they were able to continue their journey.

Lessons Learned

Reflecting on the experience, Sebastian admitted that he would not have chosen the Titan submersible due to its lack of safety precautions. He explained that the Mir sub had a proven track record with several hundred logged dives, making it a more reliable choice.

Lost in the Depths

The Titan submersible began its dive with five passengers on board, including the CEO of the expedition company, a Titanic expert, a billionaire adventurer, and a businessman with his son. Contact with the sub was lost one hour and 45 minutes into the dive, and an implosion was heard by the US Navy. The wreckage of the sub was later found on the seabed, 487 meters away from the Titanic.

Despite the risks and challenges faced during the expedition, the story of Sebastian Harris serves as a reminder of the allure and mystery surrounding the tragic history of the Titanic.

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