“Unveiling the Great Novelty: A Strong Competitor for Viewership in an Election Year”

Jorge Lanata, renowned Argentine journalist, is back on television with the latest edition of Periodismo para todos. This time, the show will air live every Sunday, after four years of pre-recorded programs. Lanata confirmed the news himself, revealing that the show will now be broadcasted live from Estudio D, the largest channel of the Constitución.

Lanata’s team is eager to maintain the show’s classic spirit while addressing the upcoming election year. The show debuted in 2022, achieving an average of 9 points with MasterChef Celebrity as his competition on the opposite side. This year, the gastronomic reality show is hosted by Wanda Nara and without celebrities. According to IBOPE, last Sunday’s elimination gala earned an average of 12.7 points. However, Lanata’s team analyzes the competition in a different perspective. They claim that Telefe’s offerings are insignificant when compared to political programs. None of the most-watched cable channels can match Lanata’s viewership levels. Lanata and his team aim to achieve double-digit numbers, specifically between 8 and 12.

Lanata will be accompanied by Cecilia Boufflet and Jessica Bossi, who already work with him on the radio. Luciana Geuna and Maru Duffard will also make their return this year. Veteran journalist Manuel Jove, from TN and eltrece, will also join his team.

Lanata’s signature editorial and monologue will be accompanied by the classic sketches of politicians and the Pink House, along with the “hidden” details of what happens in the presidential palace. Two new segments will also debut. The first is an illustrated affidavit of each candidate, which will investigate the heritage of each one exclusively, such as their cars, homes, and weekend houses. The second segment will test the potential president’s general knowledge.

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Lanata has also been working on several projects for platforms during his hiatus. The second season of his series Hache, which addresses topics such as post-truth, loneliness, and old age, will debut on Star+ at the end of the year. He is also producing a true-crime series that combines reality with fiction. The scripts will be authored by Marisa Grinstein, who wrote the book that inspired the hit unitary Mujeres asesinas.

Finally, Lanata confirmed that he has a contract with the channel led by Adrián Suar until December 2024. He will be hosting a daily journalistic program called Last in Line. This show will not be limited to politics, as Lanata says he’s “fed up with it.”

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