“Unveiling the Popular Sci-Fi Blockbuster that Dominated Cinemas and Netflix”

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Amy Adams plays an expert linguist in the film

The Netflix catalog is continually renewed and new productions of all genres land on the streaming giant. Without a doubt, science fiction movies are one of the subscribers’ favorites, managing to occupy a large part of the platform’s global top 10, such as No Escape (2015) or the Spiderman saga. Thus, a film that premiered in 2016 and recounted a universe invaded by a species still unknown to humanity managed to position itself among the most viewed in Argentina: what is Arrival (Arrival) about.

Alien ships land on Earth

A series of alien ships land on Earth, while the authorities request the help of an expert linguist to try to find out if the members of this species pose a threat to humanity. The professional must learn to communicate with the strange invaders to find out the reason for their arrival. Arrival (Arrival) was released in theaters in 2016 and was established as a success on the big screen. After its recent landing on Netflix, the film directed by Denis Villenueve was positioned among the top positions in Argentina. Starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, this science fiction film was based on the short story by American writer Ted Chiang, The Story of Your Life, which won the Hugo and Nebula awards for this genre.

The cast and awards

Jeremy Renner and Amy Adams star in Arrival. The rest of the cast of this production, which lasts almost two hours, was completed by Forest Whitaker, Michael Stuhlbarg, Mark O’Brien, and Nathaly Thibault, among others. In addition, it won the Oscar for Best Sound Effects in 2017, the Bafta for Best Sounds in the same year, and at the 22nd Critics Choice Awards for Best Science Fiction/Horror Film.

Intrigue (Prisoners) resurfaces on Netflix

In the streaming giant, it is common for productions that are released years ago to resurface among Netflix subscribers and position themselves among the most viewed. This is what happened with Intrigue (Prisoners), which hit the big screen in 2013 and in recent days managed to lead the Top 10. Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal starred in this film also directed by Denis Villeneuve, which portrayed the frustration, despair, and anguish of some parents when their daughters disappeared. During a Thanksgiving Day, in which several friends gather with their families, the little ones decided to go out to play, but they did not appear again. Keller Dover goes looking for them, but cannot find the little ones. Thus, he contacted detective Loki, who assured that his “hands were tied” and that he would not be able to stop the attacker, despite the fact that all the evidence pointed against him. In the absence of support from the authorities, the protagonist will decide to take justice on his own.

The cast and awards of Intrigue (Prisoners)

The film won the National Board of Review award for Best Cast in the year of its release. The rest of the production cast is made up of Viola Davis, Paul Dano, María Bello, Melissa Leo, and Terrence Howard, among others.

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