“Unveiling the Struggle: Understanding His Troubles with Women”

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Jane Fonda, renowned actress and activist, revealed some of the best kept secrets in Hollywood and didn’t shy away from shooting down Robert Redford: “He simply has problems with women”. During the Rendez-Vous With Jane Fonda talk, which took place at the 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, the actress lent herself to a candid conversation in which she touched on several topics.

Jane Fonda, a master of several tongues, opened the talk by stating that French was not a foreign language to her. She revealed that she could understand the interviewer without a translator since she had been married to a French director, Roger Vadim, who directed her in the film Barbarella. Despite the film being iconic, Fonda shared that she didn’t like it at the time, and she only did the striptease in space scene after downing a lot of vodka.

Fonda went on to reveal how she grew to love the movie after seeing it again, but initially, she was embarrassed after seeing herself naked on screen. Vadim had promised her that her body would be covered by titles, but that wasn’t the case. Jane took the incident lightly, saying that they are no longer married.

During the talk, the actress went back in time and talked about when she and Lee Marvin were hired in 1965 to film La Tigresa del Oeste, which was shot under harsh working conditions. Fonda revealed that Marvin, who was always drunk, taught her a valuable lesson: “We have to defend the workers”.

The actress reminisced about her time filming four movies with Robert Redford, revealing that during three of them, she was in love with him, but he struggled with kissing scenes, which was a problem. She also indicated that Redford always arrived on set three hours later, in a bad mood, and always blamed herself. However, with time, she learned it was not her fault; Redford has problems with women.

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Fonda also talked about her preparation for the role of a sex worker in the movie My Past Dooms Me, delving into the character’s back story at the morgue, where she was shown hundreds of photographs of women beaten to death by men. The actress revealed that it was after shooting the final scene that she became a feminist.

Fonda also talked about her friendship with Lily Tomlin, with whom she starred in several movies and series. She also reflected on being a woman in Hollywood and admitted that she didn’t always care about her career, which was why she made the move to France.

During the talk, Fonda advised breaking into the industry diplomatically without making enemies. She also praised Michael Douglas for his excellent skills in building relationships, even though she doesn’t think he likes her.

In conclusion, Jane Fonda’s Rendez-Vous With Jane Fonda was filled with juicy Hollywood secrets and candid conversations. The actress didn’t hold back, proving that it is always good to fill the spaces that fame allows them to access with content.

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