“Unveiling the Taboo: Talina Fernández Discusses Elderly Sexual Desire”

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Talina Fernández: An Iconic Host and Her Intimate Life

Talina Fernández, a renowned host, has been in the news lately for discussing the inheritance her grandchildren were left after her daughter’s death 18 years ago. Despite this unfortunate situation, she doesn’t let family conflicts and physical ailments get her down. At 78, she’s still convinced that love is essential, and fortunately, she’s found it.

In an interview with journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda, Talina acknowledged that she was open to love and in search of a man her age. For more than a year, Talina has been in a relationship with businessman José Manuel Fernández, whom she met thanks to a fan. Now that she’s in a stable and committed relationship, her views on intimacy have changed. More than one reporter blushed after hearing some of her confessions, while her boyfriend laughed beside her.

Talina’s boyfriend is what she needed in life – educated, literate, handsome, and a man of her time. In a video posted on YouTube, she shared how they met. After a date, they were both in a hurry, and she invited him to a sleepover in her bedroom. Since then, they’ve become inseparable.

When it comes to love and intimacy, Talina encourages women of all ages to embrace it. Even at 78, she believes in love and that it never ends. “The only thing that creaks is the headboard,” she jokes.

Despite receiving recognition for her career in the industry, Talina downplays it, saying that awards are given to people who grow old because it’s not like they’ll last less.

Talina Fernández’s stories about her intimate life and her positivity towards love serve as an inspiration to many. Age isn’t a barrier when it comes to finding love and experiencing intimacy, and as Talina proves, it is important to embrace them.

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