“Unveiling the Talent: How Azul Fernández Made Her Mark on TV”

Azul Fernández Takes on the Role of Yuyito González in the Coppola Series

Actress Azul Fernández is excited about her new role as Amalia “Yuyito” González in the upcoming Coppola series, El Representante. The series will showcase the life of Diego Maradona’s manager, Guillermo Coppola. Azul describes her experience during casting for the role as exciting and fun. She was chosen for the portrayal of Yuyito, and the characterization turned out spectacular. She enjoyed playing her part, and she was amazed by her transformation. With a wig, eyebrows, and an amazing body, Azul says she is extremely happy to be a part of the series.

Azul has described her role as Yuyito in her younger years. She researched the character by watching videos available, mostly from the time when Yuyito worked with Jorge Porcel. Together with her coach, Azul found the right tone for her character during casting.

Produced by Pampa Films, the series will be available on Star+ in 2024. The series will cover a broad range of characters, with Juan Minujín and Santiago Bande portraying Guillermo Coppola in both his early and later years, respectively. Joining them are Mónica Antonópulos and Azul Fernández, who will play Amalia “Yuyito” González. There are more great characters that include Joaquín Ferreira, Adabel Guerrero, Agustín Sullivan, María Campos, Federico Barón, María del Cerro, Juan Salmeri, Yayo Guridi, Nicolás Mateo, Roxana Randón, and Fabián Arenillas.

Azul Fernández: An All-Terrain Actress

Azul’s upbringing consisted of hobbies such as listening to music, especially national rock, and watching dance from a young age. Growing up, she took dance classes at Vicente López Cultural Center and continued her dance training at the Julio Bocca Academy until she was 17. She participated in her first musicals there, which she credits as being fundamental to getting her interested in acting.

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Later, Azul became a member of a cooperative theater group where they managed to perform at well-known theaters. One of their projects was the play Adolescent, a musical comedy that encapsulated the life of the group. Azul valued her experience in the cooperative, and it became a great laboratory for her.

Her career began with La Leona, where she played a character that received great training for the future. After her performance in La Leona, she had a prominent role in Campanas en la Noche, which provided more training and opportunity to hone her skills. Later, she played a role in the Merlí series spin-off in Barcelona, followed by a role in the Brazilian-Uruguayan co-production, Impuros.

Azul is a versatile actress who has honed her craft through dance and an extensive theater background. She continues to expand her range and challenge herself with new roles. Her role as Yuyito González in the Coppola series will undoubtedly be another remarkable performance from this seasoned actress.

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