“Unveiling the Top 5 Strangest Moments from Carlos III and Camila’s Coronation”

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Carlos III and Camila are officially crowned as the King and Queen of England in a grand ceremony at Westminster Abbey, attended by over 2,000 guests. Following the protocol, the royal couple later greeted the citizens from the balcony of Buckingham Palace despite the rain. While the coronation was a magnificent event, it also had some humorous and unusual moments that caught the attention of the public.

The Yawns and Grimaces of Prince Louis

In the middle of the regal ceremony, Prince Louis, known for his spontaneous gestures in public, stole the show with his yawns and mischievous glances. This adorable moment added some humor to the otherwise solemn occasion.

Harry’s Express Appearance without Meghan Markle

Prince Harry, who recently made headlines for his controversial interviews, made a quiet appearance at the ceremony without his wife, Meghan Markle. He was relegated to the third row, behind his aunt, Princess Anne, and sat between Jack Brooksbank and Princess Alexandra. The cameras focused on him, considering his recent controversies. He left immediately after the event to celebrate his son Archie’s birthday.

Raúl de Molina Shows the Less Beautiful Side of the Coronation

Although everything went according to plan inside the abbey and palace, outside, protesters and critics were not shy about expressing their discontent for the king. The Cuban host, Raúl de Molina, highlighted these protests on El Gordo y La Flaca, adding a humorous touch to the otherwise serious situation.

Katy Perry’s Gesture Turned into a Meme

Katy Perry, along with Lionel Richie and Take That, graced the event with musical performances. However, what caught the attention of the netizens was when she stumbled and made an awkward gesture while looking for her seat. Her hat didn’t help the situation, and her funny moment went viral as one of the most entertaining moments of the coronation.

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The Nod to Lady Diana from the New Queen of England

Camila looked stunning and solemn in her white silk outfit designed by Bruce Oldfield, who had styled Lady Diana in the past. Camila’s nod to the beloved Princess Diana was acknowledged by experts, who praised her outfit’s pleated panels and gold embroidery, along with the long cape that added to the solemnity of the occasion.

In conclusion, the coronation of Carlos III and Camila was a grand event that marked a new era for the British monarchy. While the ceremony was serious and majestic, the amusing and unusual moments added more life to the occasion.

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