“Unveiling the Truth: The Day Edith González Lost her Favorite Spot at Televisa”

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The Career of Edith González

Edith González was one of the most beloved actresses in show business. She appeared in almost 40 telenovelas since the 1970s and many of them became famous in almost all of Latin America.

She was one of the most prolific stars on Televisa, Telemundo and Tv Azteca, thanks to her various roles as a capricious and privileged young woman, or a sweet and sensitive countess, or a rude and insensitive landowner, or any role that presented to her, the actress conquered with her performances.

But as in almost any successful career, Edith had a bad time when Televisa vetoed her for fulfilling her desire to become a mother. Around 2003, Emilio Larrosa had become one of the producers most important on Televisa, mainly for their youthful and humorous stories.

Mujer de Madera Veto

Jaime Camil and Gabriel Soto were her romantic interests in the popular television show, Mujer de Madera. The soap opera that premiered in prime time had 205 episodes and was broadcast for more than nine months, of which the actress was only in the first three.

The “official” version that was given was that Edith was forced to leave the project due to her recent pregnancy, and Ana Patricia Rojo would replace her. The transition of actresses occurred when the character of ‘Marissa’ was left in the middle of a fire for which she suffered severe burns on her face.

After several surgeries, the protagonist was reunited with her leading men and the world “being a new woman”, this time in charge of Rojo. More than a decade later, Edith revealed that she tried to stay within the production and even proposed some alternatives to justify or pregnancy or a possible absence within the plot.

Televisa’s Decision

“I asked the producer to let me continue in the novel, and he said that he was not going to disrespect me, that he was not going to use my pregnancy as something like that and then they literally kicked me out. That is the reality. And not only They kicked me out of Mujer de madera, but they also kicked me out of Televisa,”

she said in an interview with Javier Solorzano. She added that it was a situation complicated “because it was clearly what I wanted the most at that time, and if they had told me ‘you are going to star in the soap opera at nine at night’, which at that time was the most watched time slot, of course it was something that excited me,”

Edith gave birth to her only daughter, Constanza, the product of the relationship she had with the politician Santiago Creel, and the initial veto of Televisa gradually disappeared but she did not have the privileges she had again. His last work house was TV Azteca.

Tragic Death

The actress died on June 13, 2019, as a result of ovarian cancer that was detected three years earlier.

Edith González lives on as a remarkable actress and mother who paved the way for others to follow.

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