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At 68, Bertín Osborne awaits the arrival of his sixth child

Credits: @Carlos Alvarez

Spanish gossip magazines hit newsstands this week with unexpected news: Bertín Osborne and Marlises Gabriela Guillén are expecting their first child together. This was announced exclusively by Lecturas magazine.

At 68, this will be the singer and presenter’s sixth child, and the first for the 32-year-old businesswoman. According to the publication, she is in the first trimester of pregnancy, so Osborne will have already turned 69 in principle (his birthday is December 7) when you welcome your son.

After learning the news, it was the journalist Beatriz Cortázar, in the Spanish program Las mañanas de Federico, who reconfirmed it after speaking with Osborne by phone. Apologizing for not attending to the media that have contacted him in recent hours because he does not want to talk about the matter, according to the journalist, the singer did not want the news to come to light because this pregnancy “has not been sought or desired”.

Cortázar, always according to what Osborne has told him, explained that he has been distanced from the physiotherapist for some time, with whom he began to relate last spring. He also assured that the presenter told him that he “will take care” of the child when he is born, and that he does not want to talk more about his future paternity or anything to do with the subject. The singer said that the baby has not been “searched or desired”.

“Gabi is a great girl. She is affectionate, friendly, pretty, hard-working and honest, but one cannot be forced to be in love with her. That is why I repeat that I will assume my responsibilities when the time comes. We haven’t seen each other for a long time, it’s a decision made a long time ago and it’s going to continue,” the journalist later recounted in an article published in Abc.

“I wish Gabi and the boy or girl the best, I’ll be there to help as necessary, I assume my responsibility, how could it be otherwise, but the day to day will be the same as the one I have today: living alone and working like a donkey attending to all my obligations,“ Osborne told him according to the same source.

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Although first He assured that he was not going to talk more about his upcoming paternity, in the afternoon he participated by phone live in the Spanish program Y ahora Sonsoles: “My relationship with Gabriela has been great for several months, she is a wonderful girl and what happens has happened thousands of times throughout the year and in the life of any person. Neither she nor I are irresponsible, what happens to many has happened,” she said with a visibly annoyed tone, while her ex-wife, Fabiola Martínez, listened to her on the program panel. “I am responsible for my actions and I will take care of the child and I will ensure that both he and his mother have a pleasant life. And that is what I believe that in justice I have to do, and for ethics I am going to do it. That’s it, we will have a boy or a girl and it will be great news, period and that’s it.”

Finally, he joked: “Don’t worry, I’ll have my tubes tied in September.”

Guillén, model and director of an aesthetic clinic in Madrid, and the popular presenter met during an advertising campaign for El Capote carried out in April 2022, a clothing brand of which the artist has been the image for many years. “Would you like to be a father again?”, they asked him in the magazine Hello! last May. “I prefer to be a grandfather now. In fact, I am happy because my daughter Claudia is returning from Australia in 10 days with her daughter, Micaela”, responded Osborne.

The first words that have come out of Guillén have been through Semana magazine: “I want to keep my privacy. He [por Bertín Osborne] You can say what you want, I don’t care.” Then she faced several microphones “stunned” in the middle of the Madrid street, those of the paparazzi who were waiting for her, to whom she told that she is excited about the pregnancy, which she described as a “surprise”, and that she would like them to out girl.

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According to what he said, most of his family found out from the press, since he had not yet communicated it personally.

According to Cortázar, now Bertín Osborne is considering taking legal action on the publication of the news in the magazine, the same one that In December 2022, it announced on its cover that Cristina Pedroche and Dabiz Muñoz were going to become parents without the knowledge of the two protagonists, something that they themselves regretted when they decided to announce the pregnancy shortly after.

“Just a month ago it came to light your relationship with the model and businesswoman. Can we put her girlfriend’s label on her now?”, she also asked him Hello!. He replied: “Here we are! I keep in touch with Gabi and see her from time to time, but she is not my girlfriend. We see each other frequently and we are getting to know each other, nothing more. She seems like a lovely girl to me, a wonderful girl who works like a donkey to support her life”. “I can do whatever I want with my life and I have 50 friends. So, if each friend I have is labeled a girlfriend, we are going to have to write an encyclopedia,” he told the same publication a month earlier, also assuring then that he was not in love with Guillén.“In April, she also spoke about her relationship with him: “In life you don’t know what will happen. I love him very much and we are very fond of each other and that’s it, we are very good friends.

Although they did not attend the event together, the last time they were seen together was on the birthday of José Luis López, El Turronero, on July 1 . Upon his arrival in Seville, Guillén assured that he was going to meet with Osborne, but because they were both friends of the host who brought together some 3,000 people in the conference center of the Andalusian capital. The singer’s eldest daughter confirmed that her father had already introduced her to Guillén. However, as Cortázar now affirms, things “were already bad” and after the birthday they went separately.

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The singer had three daughters, Alejandra (45 years old), Eugenia (37 years old) and Claudia (34 years old), and a son, Cristian, who died shortly after birth due to a malformation, with Sandra Domecq, to whom he was married between 1977 and 1999. Two more children were born from his second marriage to Fabiola Martínez (50 years old), Kike (16 years old). and Carlos (15 years old). The presenter of My house is yours, in addition, he is the grandfather of seven grandchildren. Their daughters Eugenia and Alejandra, both separated from their husbands, had three children each in their marriages, and Claudia became a mother for the first time last summer.

It was in January 2021 when Osborne and Martínez announced their breakup after 14 years of marriage. and 20 of relationship, a separation that became official in divorce a year later. “Dear friends, as I suppose you already know, Fabiola and I have parted ways for a short time. There is no specific reason, but coexistence problems. There are not and have not been third parties that have motivated us to make this decision, and yes the difficulty of living with our different personalities,” he explained in a statement. Precisely, this Wednesday his ex-wife was the first to react to the news. Martínez showed off the cordial relationship she has maintained with her ex-husband since their separation and wished Osborne, in statements collected by Diez Minutos magazine, “to be happy” and, above all, “to enjoy this new fatherhood very much.”

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