Up to Android 2.3.7: Older devices lose Google login

Up to Android 2.3.7: Older devices lose Google login

Google cuts devices with older Android versions: If you still use a smartphone or tablet with Android version 2.3.7 or older, you will soon no longer be able to log in to these devices with the Google account. This makes some applications unusable (e.g. Gmail), while others lose functionality (e.g. YouTube). The Google login will be blocked on affected devices from September 27th.

Google justifies the move with security concerns about the older Android versions. Users of old Android devices should be motivated by the step to switch to newer smartphones or tablets. Devices with Android version 3.0 or newer will continue to function unchanged.

Android 2.3.7 is the latest version of the Gingerbread release and was distributed in September 2011. It is not known how many people are still using this outdated version – Google no longer has devices older than Android 4.0 in its usage statistics.

Anyone using an affected Android device can first try to update it to a newer Android version. If that is not possible, there is a small workaround: In web browsers, you can still log in with your Google data on older Android devices. This means that services such as Gmail can still be used in principle.

Google is currently working on version 12 of its Android operating system. One of the biggest innovations of the upcoming Android version is the ability to customize the appearance of the operating system, for example to the wallpaper used or the time of day. The third preview of Android 12 started in mid-July, and the finished version is expected in late autumn.

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