Update iPhone to iOS 14.7: What’s new, MagSafe support

Actualizar iPhone a iOS 14.7: Qué novedades trae, soporte para MagSafe

We are in the middle of summer exactly, and the iOS 15 arrival date was announced sometime next fall, then we are a couple of months away from the official arrival of the new version of Apple’s operating system for its iPhone phones. In fact, the iOS 15 betas continue to come out, so that developers and testers can work with the news that the OS will bring.

But that does not mean that you will not update your Apple mobile until autumn arrives.

iOS 14.7 what’s new

Do you have an iPhone with iOS 14? So then you can now update to iOS 14.7, the new version of the OS that, unlike iOS 14.5 and even iOS 14.6, it does not bring too many news, although it does bring enough while we wait for iOS 15 to be released for all users. We review what the update brings:

MagSafe Battery Compatibility

If you are thinking of buying the MagSafe Battery Pack para tu iPhone 12, you have to update to iOS 14.7 in order to use the accessory. The MagSafe Battery Pack, which has been made to order, basically consists of an external battery that attaches to the back of the iPhone, and gives you more hours of autonomy without having to recharge the device.

Apple Card Family with combined credit limits

While iOS 14.6 brought Apple Card Family support, it is iOS 14.7 which adds the option to combine credit limits and share a co-owned account with an existing Apple Card user. Apple is also planning to launch an Apple Pay feature to allow you to buy the product and pay for it later.

Support for multiple timers on the HomePod

Apple keeps updating its HomePod smart speaker with additional features. Although iOS 14.7 does not yet bring support for Lossless playback with Apple smart speakers, the company provides the possibility of manage multiple timers on HomePod within the Home app.

Podcasts app improvements

With iOS 14.5, Apple released a redesigned Podcasts app. With iOS 14.6, the company launched subscriptions for individual channels and shows on the Podcasts app. Now, iOS 14.7 brings a new setting: The podcast library now allows users to choose whether they want to watch all shows or just the ones in a row.

Air quality

iOS 14.7 extends its air quality reports in the Weather and Map apps to include new countries, including Spain. You can check at any time what the air quality is like in the area where you live.

Summary of What’s New

  • MagSafe power bank support is added to iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.
  • The Home app now allows you to manage HomePod timers.
  • Air quality information is displayed in Weather and Maps for Canada, South Korea, Spain, France, Italy, and the Netherlands.
  • The Podcasts library lets you choose whether you want to watch all the shows or just the ones you follow.
  • The “Share Playlist” option was not displayed on Apple Music.
  • Dolby Atmos and Lossless audio playback from Apple Music might stop unexpectedly.
  • The battery service message that had already disappeared could be displayed again when restarting on some iPhone 11 models.
  • Braille displays could show invalid information when composing emails in Mail.


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