Update: Lety Calderón provides an update on Juan Collado’s health status

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Leticia Calderón Breaks Silence on Juan Collado’s Health

Leticia Calderón, the ex-partner of Juan Collado and mother of their children, recently shared an update on Collado’s health. Collado, who has been imprisoned since 2019 for various crimes, was transferred from North prison in Mexico City to a hospital after suffering a transient ischemic attack.

During a press meeting at the Mexico City airport, Calderón revealed that Collado had undergone surgery and is now doing well. She expressed relief at the news and emphasized the importance of his recovery.

Keeping Informed About Collado’s Recovery

Calderón expressed gratitude for those who have kept her and her family informed about Collado’s progress. She shared that they have been in communication with Collado himself, who has assured them that he is fine and recovering. Calderón is hopeful that their sons, Luciano and Carlo, will be able to see their father soon.

Father’s Day and Family Celebrations

As she has been responsible for the education and support of her children, Calderón discussed how Father’s Day is celebrated in their family. She mentioned that her children have always celebrated her and their grandfather on the occasion since Collado is not present. Calderón expressed gratitude for their love and support.

A Dream Come True for Luciano

Calderón also shared her excitement over her son Luciano’s recent acting debut. Luciano had the opportunity to portray a policeman in the telenovela ‘El amor invincible.’ Calderón expressed her happiness and gratitude to Juan Osorio for giving Luciano this opportunity, as it fulfilled his dream of being a policeman. She mentioned that Luciano took his role seriously and was thrilled to wear a police officer’s uniform, even if the gun was just a prop.

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