Update your computer now if you have one of these AMD chips

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It is a fact that no piece of hardware in a machine is unbreakable. And if that is the case, it is thanks to security updates from different manufacturers. But it is a fact that accidents do happen and a small flaw can lead to an error that can be explained with specific software. And that is what can happen to users of an AMD chip where it has been found a security error that can be made with your data.

Some AMD models exposed

Many dangerous flaws in the hardware world come from software. And it is that in the physical section only two things can happen and that is that a chip is incorrectly placed or that the cooling system is not fulfilling its mission efficiently. Of course, this would result in the hardware being rendered useless.

But this time we have to talk about a software failure that has affected some AMD processors. Specifically, according to what they have in TechRadar, the bugs have been detected on Ryzen 2000 and 3000 series in addition to 1000 that the firm had already informed. The bug has been reported on newer chips and some older ones. The failure, they say, can cause an error from which to extract private information

The solution is here

As we told you, some models of AMD Ryzen processors have a bug whereby a malefactor it could be done with the user’s data. Luckily, users only have to do one thing to fix it and that is to update their terminal as soon as possible. And it is that the company, as we told you, was already alerted to this problem and has been able to add protection against this problem.

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And it is that recently the company has included a security improvement within a Windows 10 update. That way you only have to put one click to maintain security on your terminal with a Ryzen chip.


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