Upgrading SSD on Steam Deck is technically possible, but a bit tricky

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Last week Valve announced an impressive handheld gaming PC that will be out later this year. Steam Deck announced. Since then, questions have been asked whether it is possible to expand and increase the storage capacity on the device.

MRT’in, Steam Deck’i in the special experience news for the use ofBy Aldehayyat, Valve’s hardware engineer, confirmed that the SSD will not be soldered to the motherboard, which could mean that SSDs (and eMMC) are technically upgradeable:

“We’re using a standard M.2 NVMe SSD in the device. It’s a separate module and we resisted the trend of putting it directly on the motherboard.”

All models have 2230 m.2 modules with sockets, including the first model.
(Source: Valve)

However, all these explanations do not mean that this upgrade job will be easy. “Repairability was a concern and we focused on making the device as easy to repair as possible. But it’s a job for people who really know what they’re doing, it’s not for everyone,” says Aldehayyat.

These comments seem to be in line with the new messages on Steam Deck’s hardware specs page. It says there: “All models use 2230 m.2 modules with sockets (not designed for end-user replaceability).”

In other words, the SSD is upgradeable but not as easily accessible as the PS5’s SSD expansion slot. This means that people who don’t mind taking their devices apart (and people who don’t mind destroying the warranty) will be able to upgrade their SSD with a compatible SSD to a compatible 2230 m.2 module. But this is a solution that Valve did not expect (or recommend) from the end user.

The Steam Deck comes in three different models: $399 with 64GB; $529 which is 256GB; The 512GB one is priced at $649.

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