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“Úrsula Corberó captures Argentinian culture with hilariously filmed dance by Peter Lanzani, Joaquín Furriel and Rodrigo de la Serna”

Úrsula Corberó Shares Fun Video with Argentine Actors

Spanish actress Úrsula Corberó has made Argentina her second home, visiting the country annually to both work and spend time with her partner, who was born there. While in Buenos Aires recently, the popular star of La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) announced that she will be shooting a movie there, but she didn’t offer any other details.

During her visit, Corberó met up with friends and shared a fun video on social media featuring three iconic Argentine actors. In the video, the quartet dance in front of a grill with wine bottles in the background, creating a humorous and relaxed atmosphere. It was a joyful moment and showed the warm and fun-loving nature of the Buenos Aires culture.

Corberó clearly enjoys working with her Argentine colleagues, having starred in the Argentine series El Reino with Diego Peretti, Peter Lanzani, and Mercedes Morán. She also reunited with her former co-star Rodrigo de la Serna and other actors from Money Heist while in Argentina.

Fun Anecdote with Madonna

Corberó had another recent high-profile encounter while attending the Jimmy Fallon show in December 2021. During an appearance on the show, she shared a fun anecdote about meeting Madonna on a plane from Los Angeles to Madrid. The pop icon recognized her and revealed that she was a big fan of her role as Tokyo in Money Heist.

Corberó was so star-struck that she couldn’t say a single word to Madonna. But after the flight, she received a message from the American singer that read, “You left your passport in your place.” She was grateful to Madonna for helping her out and retained the memory of the encounter for life.


Úrsula Corberó is clearly having a great time in Argentina, enjoying the food, wine, culture, and especially the company of the country’s talented actors. But wherever she goes, she remains one of the most popular and likeable actresses in the world, bringing her effervescence and talent to any project she embarks on. With her upcoming movie likely to feature some of her Argentine colleagues, fans should be eagerly anticipating its release.

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