Úrsula Corberó, Tokyo in La Casa de Papel, has an extravagant and unexpected connection with Madonna

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Since Netflix took over the rights, The Money Heist became a worldwide phenomenon. The series, which captures the exploits of The Professor and his gang of muggers, had five incredibly successful seasons. It was only on December 3 when the story came to an end after years of fury around the world and, without a doubt, it did it in a big way with an edition full of emotions.

After Tokyo’s death, the character played by Úrsula Corberó, now the band had to face new challenges in the midst of mourning the loss of their friend. And, in five new episodes, The Money Heist closed his story in style. Although, it should be noted that for the actors this was not the definitive end of their careers, but the beginning of a path that will lead them to participate in different productions.

In fact, one of the members of The Money Heist that most triumphed around the world was the Úrsula Corberó. Tokyo, his character, was one of the most beloved of the entire series and his performance was worthy of admiration to the point that he was catapulted to international fame. So much so that Jimmy Fallon himself invited her to his show to talk about the end of fiction and her experience being part of a global phenomenon.

However, what was most surprising is that he spoke of the most important celebrities who became his fans and one of them is Madonna. Also, as if this were not enough, the actress recalled the unexpected moment when she met the international star. “Who else were you surprised to hear that he is your fan?Fallon asked her and, without even hesitation, she mentioned the singer.

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And so then Jimmy Fallon consulted Úrsula Corberó how he found out that Madonna was his fan. “Well this is a great story. I was in Los Angeles to go back to Madrid, but while we had a stopover in London”, He began by explaining and, later, added:“So when I was on the plane I went to the bathroom and when I was getting back to my seat I saw Madonna and I was amazed”.

But, the reality is that his anecdote did not end there, but continued: “and then I saw how Madonna turned to look at me and made eye contact with me. Then suddenly, I saw how she came directly to me maintaining eye contact”. On the other hand, the protagonist of The Money Heist He said that Madonna herself approached her seat. “She came, tied her shoelaces and said: ‘hey, hello sorry, I just want to tell you that I’m a big fan of yours and I love La Casa de Papel and Tokio is my favorite character’”.

Anyway, the funniest thing about this unexpected way he met Madonna is that Úrsula was left speechless. “I tried to tell him something, but really couldn’t. No word came out”Were his exact words. Undoubtedly, Corberó became an actress who has a long way to go to the point that international celebrities such as Madonna consider her as one of the best actresses of her generation.

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