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Uruguay opens its borders for tourists: what are the requirements and when do they come into effect

Uruguay He is heading towards the new normal. From November 1 will allow the entry of tourists from any country in the world who have completed the vaccination schedules against the coronavirus from any laboratory, at least 14 days before the trip. In addition, it will require the presentation of a negative PCR test, as the main requirements.

The new opening adds to the authorization of foreigners with properties in the country, which has been in force since September. Also from that date, the entry of Uruguayans and residents, and those with exceptional economic-labor, diplomatic or family reasons, is authorized.

“We are in a position to announce that Uruguay opens its borders to tourism from around the world as of November 1, and with conditions that provide security to all of us who live within our territory ”, informed the Vice Minister of Tourism of Uruguay, Remo Monzeglio, in statements published by the newspaper The country.

What requirements must be met to enter Uruguay as of November 1

  • Count on him complete vaccination scheme against coronavirus.
  • The second dose must be applied at least 14 days before of the date of arrival in the country.
  • Submit a Negative PCR made with a maximum of 72 hours in advance to the trip.
  • The test PCR shall repeat on the seventh day having entered the country.
  • Sign an affidavit online, which must include the documentation, the type of vaccine received and the PCR test.
  • All vaccines against coronavirus will be accepted, regardless of the manufacturing laboratory.
  • There should be no quarantines upon entering the country.
  • Solicitous do not travel in case of symptoms or having been identified as close contact of a confirmed case.

“Let no one approach the border without that because they will not have the possibility of entering,” Monzeglio warned.

What tax benefits does Uruguay offer for Argentine tourists?

Affected by the pandemic, Uruguay seeks to seduce Argentine tourists with flexible rules for entering the country, but also with tax benefits.

  • It will reduce the entire VAT rate (22%) for foreign tourists who consume gastronomic services, car rental and mediation services for the rental of tourist properties. It will be valid until April 30, 2022.
  • It is also added, for the temporary leases of real estate for tourism purposes, the 10.5% tax credit that is returned to non-residents, (The rate paid by the landlord for personal income tax or income tax for non-residents. The benefit will be applied when paying with debit cards issued outside Uruguay, but it will be a condition that the rental is made in real estate and residents of Uruguay.
  • To access these benefits electronic money, debit or credit cards must be used.
  • Tax Free for purchases of products included, made in participating stores. As usual, the process must be completed at the time of purchase and it will depend on the border crossings through which you return to Argentina.
  • 24% discount on fuel for payment by credit or debit card. It will be applied to the sale price at stations located within a 20-kilometer radius of the border crossings that are part of the benefit.

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