US Congressman takes a Kamala Harris figure to the Mexican border to see “the devastating reality” of immigration

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Congresista de EE.UU. lleva una figura de Kamala Harris a la frontera con México para que vea "la devastadora realidad" migratoria

Republican congresswoman Lauren Boebert has brought a cardboard figure of US Vice President Kamala Harris to the border with Mexico due to her refusal to visit that area and see the havoc caused by the open borders agenda of the current US Administration, informs the local press.

Boebert published this week on his Twitter account a video recorded on a stretch of the border in the state of Texas, holding the figure of the vice president. “Can’t just listen what’s happening. You have to come here personally to understand the devastating reality on our southern border, “said the Republican congresswoman.” So I brought Kamala to see what this regime is responsible for“he added.

Last March, President Joe Biden delegated to Harris take charge of the humanitarian crisis unleashed by the arrival of immigrants to the southern border of the US But since that job was appointed, the vice president “has not done anything to protect the American people, “criticizes Boebert.

“Kamala, I want you to stay here”

Both Republicans and some Democrats have urged to Harris to visit the southern border to see what is happening there, but she has repeatedly refused. Boebert concludes the video by supporting the cardboard cutout in front of the border barrier, saying, “Now, Kamala, I want you to stay here and see what you’ve done.”

The Biden Administration, among other things, stopped the wall construction on the border with Mexico, reestablished some immigration programs and repealed certain decrees of his predecessor Donald Trump on immigration matters.

According data of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office, so far this year they have been more than 920,000 immigrants detained illegal on the southern border. Of these, more than 180,000 were intercepted by border agents in May alone, while in the same month last year there were about 23,230 arrests.

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