US Journalist Couple Sues eBay for Conspiring to “Intimidate, Threaten to Kill and Silence”

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A couple of journalists from the state of Massachusetts (USA) sued the American e-commerce company, eBay, for cases of harassment and threats against you by your employees to suppress your online newsletter, EcommerceBytes, who criticized the company.

The complaint The 93-page length was presented Wednesday by David and Ina Steiner at the Moakley Courthouse in Boston. Those affected accuse eBay of conspiring through its employees and contractors to “intimidate, threaten to kill, torture, terrorize, stalk, and silence them“through a barrage of cyberbullying 24 hours a day, according to a publication in the portal that they direct.

Those affected say that the harassment caused them emotional and psychological distress, including a constant fear of being persecuted, which led them to fear for their lives.

Ina Steiner mentioned that since 1999 when they started the EcommerceBytes newsletter in which they help “small merchants to sell their products online, eBay tried to silence it through threats and intimidation.”

Federal prosecutors commented that in the summer of 2019 the couple was subjected to anonymous emails and threats on Twitter, covert surveillance, unusual deliveries to your roach home, a bloody Halloween pig mask and a funeral wreath, as well as pornography sent on his behalf to neighbors, informs Reuters.

At least seven people have been criminally charged and five have pleaded guilty, according to court records.

In response to a request for comment on the lawsuit, eBay said that “the misconduct of these former employees was wrong,” and said it will do “whatever is fair and appropriate to try to address what happened to the Steiners.

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The journalists mentioned that until June 2020 they did not know that eBay was behind the threats.

“This has been an incredibly difficult experience for my wife and me,” David Steiner said in a statement Wednesday. “We never imagined that doing our job as journalists would lead to this. We want to protect the rights of journalists and their freedom of the press. We have endured enormous cruelty and abuse and have feared for our lives. If this behavior can happen to us, It can happen to anyone, “he said.

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