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Usher Wins BET’s ‘Lifetime Achievement Award,’ Showcases Vintage Piaget Polo

A striking image of Usher’s watch

Usher has several striking similarities with the watch he flaunted at the BET Awards. Both born in the 1970s, they have left a significant impact in their fields and maintain a modern appeal.

The celebrated “Yeah!” singer, honored with BET’s Lifetime Achievement Award and the award for best R&B and hip-hop artist, showcased a stylish Piaget Polo during Sunday’s ceremony. Complementing his Ralph Lauren suit, Usher donned an Azlee necklace, Shay earrings, and Jacques Marie Mage shades.

The Piaget Polo model, which Usher sported, debuted at the World Cup polo tournament in Palm Beach in 1979. Coincidentally, Usher Raymond IV was born in 1978 in Dallas, Texas. This Piaget design catered to the sophisticated tastes of the elite, featuring an integrated bracelet that gave it a jewelry-like appearance rather than that of a conventional watch.

The striking design of the Piaget Polo watch
The Polo features a 24 mm yellow-gold case and a “basketweave bracelet.”

Piaget crafted this watch using 132 to 136 grams of yellow gold in both large and small sizes. The available dial shapes were either round or square, ranging from 30 to 34 mm and 20 to 25 mm, respectively. Some variations included diamond settings and woven bracelets instead of traditional links or gadroons.

From 1979 to 1990, Piaget produced between 2,000 to 3,000 units each of the square and round variants, totaling around 4,000 to 6,000 watches. In 1988, Vendôme Group (now Richemont) acquired Piaget. In honor of Piaget’s 150th anniversary, the company reissued the Polo earlier this year. The new Piaget Polo 79 features a larger 38 mm case and a robust in-house automatic caliber (1200P1), while maintaining the original ‘70s aesthetic and signature blocked links.

A close-up of the diamond pavé dial
The diamond pavé dial is topped with shiny “dauphine” hands.

Usher’s timepiece, a vintage piece from the late 1970s, was sourced by Analog:Shift. This rare model features a 24 mm yellow-gold case, a diamond pavé dial with sleek “dauphine” hands, and an eye-catching “basketweave bracelet.” It runs on a thin, hand-wound movement and is secured with a subtle signed clasp. Notably, Usher acquired his Polo for $18,990—a steal compared to the Piaget Polo 79’s suggested retail price of $73,000.

Source: Robb Report